WordPress code snippets – The plugin to add code in wordpress without modifying theme files

Introducing the wordpress code snippets plugin. A wordpress plugin to add code in wordpress without fear of updates that erase everything.


Last month I decided to optimize TediDev's loading speed and reduce the amount of plugins used as much as possible.

I reinstalled the default wordpress theme and started modifying this theme to suit my needs.

While working there, I very quickly encountered problems. These worries I'm sure a lot of wordpress programmers deal with often. If you start in the field, you will surely meet him.

The problem when you modify the code of your wordpress theme by adding new functions, is that your code remains until the next update of your theme.

With each update, the css styles, theme functions and changes made disappear. You often have to start all over again.

One of the solutions is the use of plugins for each functionality that we want to add. Direct consequences, the wordpress site is filled with plugins which slows down your performance.


Also remember, I don't want any plugins or at least the minimum possible.

The solution is to use a plugin that allows you to inject any php, css, html and even javascript code into the wordpress theme without being dependent on it.

Before starting to develop it myself, I found a plugin that does what I'm looking for.

While there are already many alternatives, the one that worked the most for me is wordpress code snippets plugin by WpCode.


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WordPress code snippets – To add code in wordpress without modifying theme files



The wordpress code snippets plugin allows you to add php, html, css and even javascript code to your wordpress theme without modifying its source code.

Before knowing this plugin, I went to the theme editor included in wordpress by default. But the updates came to erase my modifications.

Currently the wordpress code snippets allow me to do more without fear of my work disappearing. For instance :


  • You can insert scripts from advertisers (apart from adsense which now has its own integration plugin).


  • I added codes to modify the display of my category and tag pages on the site.


  • Disable or enable certain wordpress functions.


There is also a library of code portions in the plugin to help you configure your default theme without having to code. What I liked the most is that you can also modify these codes.

You don't have to be a good developer to use it. But if you have programming knowledge, this plugin will be part of your essential tools for coding in wordpress.


Detailed Plugin Info


Plug-in name: Insert Headers & Footers + Full WordPress Code Snippets Plugin


Download page: wpcode.com


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Wordpress code snippets - The plugin to add code in wordpress without modifying theme files



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