Web scraping - practice and techniques to start - Tutorial (2021)

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A short introduction to the practice and techniques of web scraping.


If you are a researcher of any kind – student, professional or hobbyist – it is advantageous toapprendre web scraping practices. These techniques are also used by digital marketers to collect prospect data. Real estate companies use web scraping to learn about new and resale properties. Here are important points beginners should know about web scraping practices and techniques.


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Ethics of web scraping


The use of web scraping practices involves ethical considerations and compliance with copyright laws. The purpose of data scraping should be responsible and in accordance with the terms of service set out by the website. Scratching through a high volume of data can crash a website that is unprepared to handle a high level of interaction due to limited resources.
It is more efficient to schedule robots to run during off-peak hours.

Many website owners who don't want others to scrape their data use anti-scratch technologies that can detect spiders used to crawl and extract data. Scratching the data and then reposting it on another website without permission can lead to costly litigation if the copyright owner objects. Various pieces of content, including photos and blogs, have automatic copyright protections that require permission to republish the content online.

It is important that the data miner is transparent and does not attempt to obscure their identity or use deception. Transparency opens doors to new opportunities while the use of disguises creates suspicion and investigation.


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Reasons for scraping data from a web page


Web scraping can be ideal for creating a database of marketing information. The information may be used to shape original web content or business strategies. Another productive way for a company to use scraping is to create a knowledge base for webinar presentations.

One of the main reasons for data mining is to develop a research project that uncovers hot leads. Authority building bloggers love to jump on new research and offer unique comments to their followers. The more authority a blogger establishes, the more warm prospects they can attract. Blogs rich in data to support strong opinions are favored by Google and other search engines as proof of authority and expertise.

However, it is important not to rely on heavily duplicated data on the Internet for web content. Google favors authoritative websites with unique content.

As a business activity, data scraping may involve internal study to compile lists of competitors and what they are doing in the market. Another reason a business can engage in data scraping is that they are doing a price comparison on a particular product. Researching the history of a business or industry can also involve a lot of web research.

Data mining is actually helpful in SEO efforts if used strategically. When creating web content, it is imperative to use data in a different way than other sites use data. The more a website is designed to feature a unique niche or collection of niches, the more it will be viewed as a knowledge resource by search bots.


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Use Python for web scraping


Web scraping - practice and techniques to get started - Tutorial


Python is the language of computer programming most popular for web scraping in part because of its simplicity. A Python library application such as BeautifulSoup can easily extract data from a web page. Another useful Python tool is Scrapy, which is a web framework that allows users to create different types of spiders to grab website source code. Scrapy is built on a Python-based library and runs faster than BeautifulSoup. The main difference between the two tools is that Scrapy allows you to create multiple spiders while BeautifulSoup just scrapes web pages.


Writing code for a spider involves naming it and providing a list of URLs for the spider to explore using the “start_urls” function. The spider code also includes an analysis function (auto, response). When you run Scrapy on a web page, you will have access to various options that make the web scraping process easier. Sales teams use scratch card software to collect names on social media platforms as potential leads.


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What makes data scraping worth it


Ultimately, web data scraping is an effective practice for performing data analysis and visualization. It is particularly useful for performing specific market research to determine untapped marketing opportunities. Data scraping is one of the keys to quickly learning an industry for the purpose of identifying and exploiting market loopholes. Such research can give an organization a competitive advantage to disrupt a market.



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The implementation of ethical web scraping practices is important to maintain the credibility of the business. No one wants to be identified by Google as a web spammer. A researcher should use data scraping in a way that does not violate another entity or violate the terms of a website. Staying within the bounds of good web ethics helps keep the internet what it was meant to be: a vast public library that allows people to explore and collect in-depth information.


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Web scraping practice and techniques