Visual Novels – What to remember about this type of game

Visual novels are a form of interactive storytelling that is growing in popularity with gamers. Let's find out what they are in this post.

To be honest, I don't often play visual novels, but when I do, I get addicted to them very quickly.

Do you know that many popular anime are based on visual novels? These kinds of games have a way of playing with your emotions and keeping you glued and engaged like hell.

If you want to know the world of visual novels, this article will be the gateway.

In this article, we'll explore what a visual novel is, their history, their growing popularity, and some of the most popular titles.

Visual Novels – everything you need to know about this type of game.

Visual novels are video games narratives that combine elements of a traditional visual novel with interactive elements, such as dialogue choices and simple gameplay mechanics.

Players can interact with the characters, and the choices they make during the story can impact the ending and the direction the story takes.

This provides a more personalized and varied gaming experience.

A short history of Visual Novels

Visual novels have a long history in Asia, particularly in Japan, where they are often called “adventure games”.

They started gaining popularity in the 1990s with titles like “Dōkyūsei” and “True Love Story”. Since then, they have evolved into a popular genre around the world.

Visual novels have become so interesting not only because they offer an immersive and unique experience of interactive storytelling but also because their development is simpler than other types of video games.

The most popular titles


Series Fate

Doki Doki Literature Club!

Stones; Gate

Visual Novels - What to remember about this type of game