Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is released. What's up ?

Last updated November 1, 2022 at 10:14 AM

 The LTS version of one of the most used linux in the world was released on April 23rd. This is Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. In this post we will tell you about the new features of the 20.04 LTS version ofubuntu.

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Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is released. What's up ?
From wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_version_history



What does the term “LTS” mean


Ubuntu has a precise convention for naming its versions. At least two versions of the distribution are released each year. The version number corresponds respectively to the year and the month of its release. For example ubuntu 20.04 is launched in April 2020Either 04 / 2020, the next version 20.10 will come out in October 2020 or, 10 / 2020.

We understood how to translate the ubuntu version numbers. But what is the term “LTS” next to it for?

LTS means Long Term Support , which means long-term support. The LTS versions of Ubuntu are often the most stable of the versions that preceded them. The distribution bearing this term is maintained for several years. The minimum remains 3 years. Some are maintained for up to 10 years after their release.

For example, I'm still using Ubuntu 16.04 (released since April 2016 ) but I'm still enjoying the most recent updates. One last thing, Ubuntu LTS is delivered every 2 years to the public.

Now that we understand what the term "LTS" means, let's find out about the good things that Ubuntu 20.04 LTS has to offer. Note that the new features are compared to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.


New in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


Ubuntu came with a very recent and most importantly stable selection of packages. Here are the main new features of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS classified by system component.


The linux kernel:



the operating system is created with version 5.4 LTS of the linux kernel. This kernel supports new hardware such as the Intel Comet Lake and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 & 855 processors. Note that the linux kernel is the heart of the operating system. Under linux, the drivers are often grafted onto the kernel in order to support PC components.

The core linux takes its name from its Linux creator Torvalds. He is one of The 10 greatest programmers in history. In its section, you are entitled to a long documentary about the beginnings of the open source movement.




The all new theme: Yaru theme


Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is released. What's up ?
source: https://ubuntu.com/blog/new-ubuntu-theme-in-development-for-20-04


A new theme created by canonical is proposed in Ubuntu lts. This is the Yaru theme. The desktop environment has been launched since version 18.10 of Ubuntu. This new theme offers two modes of environment. The dark mode which darkens the windows and the light mode which lights up everything.

Themes that feature dark and light mode bring many benefits known to developers and IT pros. For example, a very dark theme can relieve the eyes when you are in a poorly lit or dark environment. Reading is easy and requires less effort on the eyes. On the other hand, in a very bright environment, the light mode is recommended.


GNOME Desktop Environment:


The gnome desk comes with a new design. You'll notice it on the login page, menu system, and folder icons.

According to the developers, the desktop has seen in its latest version a big improvement in performance and reduction in CPU consumption.




A new protocol designed to ensure high availability of the network to applications. It is a new abstract layer that improves security, rebound, fault tolerance and rapid failover. Kronosnet known as knet is widely used to create clusters under Linux.

The Kronosnet protocol is widely used when building network infrastructure under Linux and in the cloud.



Raspberry pi:


Photo by Harrison Broadbent on Unsplash

ubuntu 20.04 LTS currently supports a large family of rasberry pi. Makers will be delighted to use this system to create mini computers.



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This article is a highly contracted summary of new features in ubuntu 20.04 LTS. The release notes Full OS can be found at wiki.ubuntu.com. You can download ubuntu without further delay on the link https://releases.ubuntu.com/20.04/




Author's note:

One of the reasons that led me to adopt ubuntu as the main operating system of my pc is la productivity. A vague term that means a lot. As a developer, I would like to control each development tool up to the products we develop. In my case, linux spares me a lot of mouse clicks thanks to commands where one line would be worth dozens of clicks, searches and waits for intermediate results.

Adopting a linux distribution is also one of the 11 tips to increase the performance of your pc.

Currently I am still on ubuntu 16.04 LTS because of a software lab that I have set up since its installation. I update my system by compiling the kernel from its source code and updating the package sources without counting hacks in case of problems. All this will be the subject of an article another time.



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