Twitter: The retweet button temporarily changed - even easier to use - except for articles

Last update December 4, 2020 at 09:24 PM

Yesterday Twitter announced a temporary change in the functionality of retweeting. It is even easier to retweet all posts except certain articles.


Users of the social network have certainly noticed that yesterday, the retweet buttons were disabled for some accounts. It was no longer possible to click on this button or quote a post that we liked more. A few hours after everything is back (almost) normal. Except the retweet button. As an explanation the changes were announced in the official account of the social platform Twitter  through this tweet:





The message says:


" Hi everyone, we have made a temporary change to the Retweet feature.

When you tap the Retweet button, you can either add a comment to Quote Tweet or leave it blank and tap the Retweet button."


The main reason for this temporary change would be an update to prevent the mass sharing of fake news in the US around the current elections. Indeed in his blog , thecompany is committed to protecting the elections by combating the spread of information that could harm or interfere with the ongoing 2020 elections.



Retweet of an article

The second feature of the twitter retweet is to force users to read the article before sharing it. Indeed many people share articles without reading their content. They are based solely on the titles of the tweet. The platform decided to take measures to prevent this behavior.

"Read an article before retweeting it? It's growing up.

Before you retweet an article, we remind you to read it first. ”- Says the global giant on its tweet.





All of these features could prevent twitter bots from sharing information that could interfere with the US election and also false information. We like the new feature that makes it easier to share information while reminding us to be careful of what we share. And you what do you think ?

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