"Sitting too much" would have irreversible consequences on the brain according to a study

Last updated August 10, 2019 at 01:50 AM

You have certainly heard it several times, sitting is not the recommended position for a long time. One of the worst things we can do to our brain is to sit for a long time. In this article we will discover the results of a study showing that “sitting too much” would have irreversible consequences on the brain. 


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The UCLA study reports that sedentary people suffer from a thinning of the brain regions linked to memory. Experiments on patients aged 45 to 75 years have confirmed that even intense physical exercise cannot cancel the thinning effects of these regions. The worst part is that physical exercise also cannot repair the damage caused by excessive sitting.


The authors write in their article, “It is possible that sedentary behavior is a very significant predictor of brain structure, especially the thickness of the medial temporal lobe, and that physical activity, even at higher levels, is not. not enough to compensate for the destructive effect of “sitting too much” for a long time ”.



What the study reveals

This study reveals two important points to remember:

  • Sedentary behavior is known to be a sign of Alzheimer's risk. Indeed, the team points out that previous studies have calculated that around 13% of Alzheimer's cases may be due to inactivity, and that a 25% reduction in sedentary behavior would reduce the prevalence of Alzheimer's by approximately a million cases worldwide.


  • This study also reveals that the more time we spend sitting, the worse our cognitive performance will be. Yes, the eye problem isn't just screen exposure. The “too much sitting” is also the cause.

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It has been found that reducing sedentarism may be a more effective solution than using physical exercise alone. In other words, if physical effort is ideal for physical health, mobility would be ideal for mental health. The question is, why does the simple act of sitting for a long time affect brain health so much?


To sum up, we are aware that physical exercise improves the birth of new neurons, the plasticity of the brain and the reduction of its inflammation. Unfortunately when an individual sits for a long time, he receives irreversible mental damage that even intense physical exercise cannot compensate for. Previous studies on the dangers of “sitting too much” have shown that this behavior is linked to a range of physical illnesses, from heart disease to cancer and premature death.

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It is recommended to get up once an hour when you are at the office, in front of your computer or the television. We end the article on the slogan of the American Heart Association "Sit less, move more"

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