What happened in Togo until today (February 4) - News

In this article, we have compiled an excerpt from the events that took place in Togo until February 4 (the time of writing this post).


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These odd jobs that pay off in Lomé


Many Togolese are looking for odd jobs that provide a means of subsistence.

Some have set up car wash stations by renting a plot of land or by moving to the public highway.

With a low initial investment, they can hope to earn up to 70.000 Fcfa per day.





More generous bandwidth at the end of the year


Abdellah Tabhiret, director of Moov Africa Togo, announced Thursday over the microphone of a private radio, the launch of a new submarine cable from Casablanca which will serve the Togo with improved bandwidth.

The landing point should be effective at the end of 2021.



Hackers have a head start, CERT hopes to catch up


Togo launched the National Center for Alert and Response to Computer Attacks (CERT) on Wednesday.

This structure is managed by 'Cyber ​​Defense Africa SAS' (CDA).

The country, like the rest of the planète, is facing attacks IT. 'The mission of CERT will be to identify, analyze and deal with cyberthreats that weigh on the State, citizens, businesses and organizations,' the statement said.

As a service provider, CERT will also be able to provide information system security assistance, including security audits and cybersecurity analyzes to local businesses.



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Massive distribution of fertilizers in Togo


Over 80.000 tonnes of fertilizer are now available in storage stores in major regions of the country.

The network of distribution points is wider. Farmers will have to travel a maximum distance of 5km to obtain inputs.

The aim is to boost yields and increase farmers' income while ensuring food security.

This sector represents 40% of the GDP.




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Helping young people


The Ecobank group is committed to supporting the actions of the Ministry of Grassroots Development, Youth and Youth Employment.

The partnership agreement provides for relaxing the conditions for obtaining loans. In addition, the bank will offer young people coaching sessions through its Academy.




Evolution of the security system


In March 2020, at the very start of the epidemic, the public authorities formed a mixed force (police / gendarmerie) responsible for enforcing the curfew and health measures (wearing a mask, distancing, etc.).

This special anti-covid19 force (FOSAP) is now replaced by a 'Joint anti-covid19 monitoring group.

The security and defense forces have a sovereign mission whose role is not to manage a pandemic, officials explain.




Management of burials


In the Gulf prefecture (Lomé), burials can only take place in the presence of close family. Funeral vigils are prohibited and condolences at the home of the deceased prohibited.

These measures are intended to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.





Flower capital


Horticulturalists invade the capital. On the roadside, you can buy flowers or plants for the garden. Odd jobs that turn into profitable businesses for their promoters.

The public is there. Buy a bouquet before a lunch invitation or plants if you have gardening inspirations. It is in any case very practical.




Lack of training and no permit


More than half of the accidents in 2020 involved motorcycles (59,40%) and mainly zemidjans.

According to the union of motorcycle taxi drivers, these claims are linked to a lack of training.

'We have noted a carelessness in the recruitment of companies that employ drivers, the quality of training is sorely lacking, which explains the number of accidents“, Explains François Komlanvi Agbo, one of the heads of USYNCTAT.




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What is happening in Togo so far (February 4) - News
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