Today is international left-handed day

When it comes to an international day, everyone is entitled to it. Today is the international left-handed day. In this article some statistical research concerning them.

It may not be known, but left-handers the world over have known thediscrimination and stigma. Sure wikipedia, this day established in 1976 is presented as:

" … An annual and global event that takes place every August 13 to raise awareness of left-handed rights against stigma and discrimination…".

This day is celebrated by activities putting right-handed people in competition with left-handed people. There are also drinking contests with the left hand.

To honor this day, here are some facts and statistics on left-handers.


Discrimination against left-handers

The name loss experience inspired by the Latin "sinister" means left-handed ou left side. This term today associated with certain distortions or facts associated with sinister events was once used to designate left-handed people.

Lefties were associated in the past with all that is impure, weak and even demonic. Although they still exist today, minorities who discriminate against left-handed people, the latter must adapt in a world where almost everything is designed for right-handed people.


Some facts and statistics

A study estimates that 10% of the world population is left-handed but the number varies enormously depending on the weather and the area of ​​residence.

In politics, 4 of the last 7 presidents of United States of America are left-handed. It is Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George HW Bush and Gereald Ford.

Ronal Reagan would be on the list of those presidents because he was a left-hander who was forced to be right-handed.



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