The 10 google ads for 2016

For this year 2016, google has announced the arrival of 10 new features that will improve the lives of users and web and android developers. Without further ado let's get down to the essentials.

1-Google assistant

This is a system that allows you to have a conversation with google. For example, we can ask google what movie will be released today and it will respond to us by displaying the movies, we could ask google to make reservations and send it to us on the phone or elsewhere. Here is a small demo of how to use google assistant.

This assistant is also a service that can be integrated into android applications. For more information on the subject visit

2-Google Home

Google home comes down to a speaker that plays music from the cloud, it can be combined with other home multimedia devices, it contains a microphone to receive your commands to play your favorite playlist. This device will allow you in the future to remind you of the tasks of the day, your program and also will serve as an alarm clock. It includes google assistant technology. Demo video

3- Google Hello

Google allo is a messaging application, you can compare it to whatsapp or viber. The features that set it apart are:

- you can get answers to your questions using google assistant, in short, have a little chat with google.

- you can reply without writing, the application offers you different commonly used replies by analyzing the image or the message sent

- you can enlarge your writing and / or your emoticons to strengthen your tone.

- you can write on the pictures before sending them to your friends

- you can send encrypted private messages.

Small video presentation of google allo.

Available at

Google 4- Duo

This is an application to see who is calling you and what they are doing while calling you on video, for example you can guess if the caller is mad at you or not. Using google duo can be a lot of fun, watch this video to learn more.

Available on, it is also available on IOS.

5 / Android N

Android N is focused on improving the productivity users. To spare you the details, we have retained two important features:

– the multi-window: possibility of opening several windows, for example, while watching a youtube video on a cooking recipe, you can to take notes with a note-taking app.

- notifications: you can respond directly via notifications, it has already been seen with whatsapp notifications among users.

For more details on the functionalities watch this video


6 / Daydream


Daydream is a google platform intended only for virtual reality applications like google play for android and youtube applications for video streaming. The design of a new android device to work with daydream is also underway. Small video on the presentation of daydream and the demos.

For the rest, the youtube, google map / photos and youtube videos are being rebuilt to be used with virtual reality applications.

7 / Android wear 2.0

Android wear awaits the arrival of virtual keyboards, things that did not exist in the previous versions, it will also be possible to listen to music without connecting to your smartphone.


8 / Android instant app

Android instant app will offer the possibility to use an android application without downloading it to your phone, this will allow you to test or use the services of an application even before downloading it.

9 / News that will please developers

  • Android studio: Google's official android development environment benefits from continuous improvement in terms of performance and compilation speed. Google announces that the new environment is 3 times faster than the previous one and is optimized for ease of graphic design of applications.

See details of improvements

  • Firebase: the cloud service platform has seen many improvements compared to other solutions, now in the heart of the cloud services offered by google you could now with firebase do analytics, app indexing, authentication, dynamic links , FCM, prompts, notifications, crash reporting and remote configuration. All of these features, google insists, are completely free and unlimited.

Visit to learn more.


10 / Tensor flow

An open source artificial intelligence API created by google brain researchers to apply the concepts of machine learning and deep learning in your application or service. To get an idea of ​​its importance, you can thanks to machine learning guess what your customers or users want and provide services or results according to their preference without your intervention and to the surprise of users. machine learning algorithm to offer you personalized results. By definition according to Wikipedia, machine learning is:

THEmachine learning ou machine learning (machine learning in English), field of study ofartificial intelligence, concerns the design, analysis, development and implementation of methods allowing a machine (in the broad sense) to evolve by a systematic process, and thus to perform tasks that are difficult or impossible to perform by more algorithmic means classics.

If you want more information about tensor flow visit their site