3 FREE youtube video downloaders online

Last updated February 18, 2023 at 04:23 AM

List of my favorite youtube video downloaders which are all completely free and online.

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At the time when broadband was not yet in Togo, downloading was king. I was uploading everything to cyber and then sorting offline at home.

It was like the sales today, you pick up everything that is good price before everyone else then, at home you do the sorting.

Software and especially videos were not spared. Streaming was not a good investment.

Today with broadband, we still download videos but not for the same reason as yesterday.

HD Camcorder Touch Screen for YouTube IR Night Vision Vlogging Camera with Batteries and Remote Control, Black
HD Camcorder Touch Screen for YouTube IR Night Vision Vlogging Camera with Batteries and Remote Control, Black

Why do we download youtube videos?

Personally I download the video clips on youtube to listen to it offline while I code, or I model software.

When it requires a long moment of concentration, the music and the tea help maintain focus.

I don't like listening to music on youtube directly for the following reasons:

  • There is no auto replay option of list or music on youtube. They did everything except that.

  • Secondo, when we listen in streaming, I consume the bit rate, enough to slow down the execution of my android or web development projects. Indeed for android projects gradle sometimes takes a long time to download and on the web side, I like to work directly online. ( see my achievements )

Maybe the reason you want to use a youtube video downloader is different from mine. It doesn't matter, as long as it's for personal use, you'll be fine.

In this article, I give you my 3 favorite youtube video downloaders. They are all online tools and are free.

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USB LED Video Light Streaming Lamp with Adjustable Tripod

Software to download youtube videos free online

Online downloaders are my favorite because they don't take up space on my pc and are operating system independent.

Youtube is my favorite platform for music to use for coding. In this section, I only list my 3 favorite tools.

I selected them, not because they are better than the others but because they do just what I need and are easy to find in search engines.


KeepVid is the very first one I used before discovering the others for the video download Youtube.

This tool served me for a long time until I lost sight of it believing that it had closed.

I am pleasantly surprised to find him, changed.


y2mate is not only a youtube downloader, it also allows you to download videos from other platforms like Facebook, Video, Dailymotion, Youku and many others.

For me who only uses youtube, Facebook et Twitter, I can see it as a universal online video downloader.

savefrom. net

SaveFromNet is also a hybrid downloader like y2mate. I used it often for downloading video from social networks.

Sometimes memes are so interesting that you want to download them before the author changes their mind and deletes them.

savefrom.net also has an extension allowing you to download any video you are interested in without searching for the service in google.

That's all for today, these are all my favorites right now. If you want more, there are no problems. You can discover them among the 26 best FREE youtube video downloaders

This will give you more choices than this post.

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3 FREE youtube video downloaders online