Microsoft: The quantum computer development kit available on MacOs and Linux

The new gold rush in computing is the control of quantum machines. Since the creation of the first commercial model of the computer by the Canadian company D-Wave in 2015, the computer giants are rushing to take control of it. This is the case of Microsoft which has made available in open source to developers, a development kit for quantum computers on MacOs and Linux. Continue reading from “Microsoft: Quantum Computer Development Kit Available on MacOs and Linux”

Google reply: The intelligent message responder

google reply

Have you ever dreamed of having an app that seems to read your mind to text your friends for you? Google is working on this type of service which will soon be able to work on all our smartphones. This is google reply: the intelligent message responder.

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GDevelop: IDE to create a cross-platform game without coding (2020 update)

One of the most useful tools for creating multiplatform games without paying for licenses or playing hide-and-seek with copyright. In this article discover GDevelop: IDE to create a multiplatform game without coding.

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Obama becomes first president to develop computer program

Adrianna Mitchell, a middle-school student from Newark, NJ, explains a coding learning program to President Barack Obama during an “Hour of Code” event in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House complex in Washington, DC, on Monday, Dec 8, 2014.

Newark, NJ school student Adrianna Mitchell explains to President Barack Obama how to write code at the event "Hour of Code" in the “Eisenhower Executive Office Building” which is located in the White House complex. Continue reading from “Obama becomes the first president to develop a computer program”

Tutorial to create a 3D java game


JMonkeyEngine is a game engine made for developers who want to create 3D games respecting the standards of modern technology. The framework is fully programmed in Java and intended for wide accessibility and rapid deployment on the desktop, the Web and mobile platforms.


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