SusuNote 6.2 and JeNote 2.2 - Compatible for android 12

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Announcement of Zetaplus on the evolutions of susunote and the jenote application including compatibility with android 12


You can find this post in detail on the site Zetaplus


Hello, in this year 2021 we are pleased to announce the improvements made to your note taking favorite. Many of you support us and we thank you ^ ^. SusuNote and JeNote are now compatible with android 12.


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SusuNote 6.2 and JeNote 2.2 - Compatible for android 12


Lots of phones are still using android 11 and that's okay because the app will still work just as well. If you have an android version lower than version 5, you may experience a compatibility problem.


We have taken the lead in making them compatible with android 12 so that there is no problem while upgrading your favorite OS.


In the rest of the section we will talk in more detail about the other improvements of SusuNote and JeNote.


- Compatibility with Android 11 and 12


- Improved image compression algorithm


- Image compression bug fixed


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 Release note of SusuNote 6.1 - 6.2


Susunote 6.2 469-170: upgrade to android 12 compatibility Susunote 6.1 168: update libs 167: code refractor 166: enchance image compression algorithm 165: performance and stability enhancing. 162: upgrade to android 11 (api 30) => image compression bug fixed

Release note of JeNote 2.1 - 2.2


JeNote 2.2 40: upgrade to android 12 compatibility JeNote 2.1 39: update libs 38: code refractor 33-37: enchance image compression algorithm 36: enhance performance and stability 32-35: upgrade to android 11 (api 30) => image compression bug fixed



Download and test program


In this section we repost the download link for SusuNote and JeNote.


SusuNote =>


JeNote =>


To participate in our testing program to be the first to test our new features follow these links


SusuNote =>


JeNote =>


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About Zetaplus


Zetaplus is a startup mobile and web development company based in Togo and developed by the creator of TediDev. His goal is to create great solutions that can improve our productivity and well being.






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  • You don't like what we created? No worries, we will be very grateful if you write to us directly (via email instead of spreading your rage in social networks and in the playstore. Your reviews will help us go further.


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SusuNote 6.2 and JeNote 2.2 - Compatible for android 12

Merry Christmas and best wishes 2022




Application of the day: SusuNote


SusuNote is an android application designed to easily take notes taking into account the constraints African.In this post I will present in more detail what can be done with the current version of SusuNote ( version 1.3 ).


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SusuNote main interface


Here is the main interface that you can have, after adding some elements. In this image I have created folders and files called Notepad. These allow you to store notes as indicated by its name. If I don't like the default SusuNote orange color, I can replace it with an image. And depending on the image, the app theme will also change color.


SusuNote with a theme


I can also put my photo there.

No it's not me, it's a photo free of rights



The colors of the application content also change when applying the themes. When we enter a notepad (pre-filled) we can have this kind of arrangement.



This image shows written notes, with lists and an audio recording. We can add web links to it via an internal web browser.


Internal browser launch icon




In this part I will try to answer the questions that I am often asked and that certainly most of you still ask.


Why is the SusuNote icon the head of a teddy bear?

It's to attract attention and look pretty, nothing special. I also wanted this productivity app to be fun and enjoyable to use. And to project this image, I found the ideal head of a teddy bear.


Why develop another notepad when it already abounds on google play?

I think it's okay to develop a concept that already exists until it's offered in the same place. For example, if an ayimolou saleswoman abandons her project because another person is already trading, consumption would be very complicated in the country. It's easier to eat close to home than to cross several cities for the same thing.

It's the same principle for software development. If an idea already applied was enough to drop a project, you would never have the choice between products like video players, image processing software and to come back to the question, notepads.

SusuNote is designed taking into account African constraints and realities. Because very few mobile productivity applications take our realities into account. we strive to take into account the Togolese and African issues. It is also designed for Pan-African purists. So I encourage anyone who has had ideas that have already been realized to get started anyway (as long as it's legal and you can make it happen).

You are probably wondering:


What is unique about SusuNote compared to its competitors?

  • It is very light (less than 2.5M) and we will continue to stay the course while adding new features.
  • Efficient, Fluid, dynamic and prettier: we closely follow the best practices and concepts in terms of performance and design described in official Google documents. Those interested can follow Design / Android developper
  • It has been regularly updated for more than 2 years.


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When will SusuNote for IOS and windows phone?


Google play is the ideal platform to test your ideas because the application submission is not subject to rigorous checks compared to other platforms. SusuNote will be on other mobile platforms when it is mature enough. For now, he's still a baby.


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In addition to containing all the functionalities relating to a basic notebook, SusuNote makes it easy to collect information around us. Development is still underway, we continue to innovate and solve problems and we hope that this notebook will meet your expectations. SusuNote is available for download in google play

If you have any other questions about the application, please write to us at


Download SusuNote