Super Animal Royale - Dangerously Cute Game Comes To Nintendo Switch And Other Consoles - 2021 Trailer

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A new game dangerously cute is coming to home console owners soon. This is a super royal animal.


In a very distant land exists an evolved world where only animals live. They have many favored hobbies like singing, cooking, dancing and "playing".

These cute little round black eyes hide a vicious behavior that can turn this beautiful paradise into a bloody hell.

Animal Crossing fans should definitely avoid this games and even see the trailer. Super animal royal is coming in Nintendo Switch and the other consoles to wreak havoc !!


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Super Animal Royale - Trailer



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Fight for FUR-vival!


Super animal royale is a top-down 2D Battle Royale coming later this year to Nintendo Switch. Collect, loot, and fight your way to the top of the food chain!

If you like games like clash royale, PUBG, fortnite or any fighting royale games, you are going to love Super animal Royale which is coming soon to the new Nintendo console.


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For those in a hurry the game is free on Steam - Gameplay


Holders of PC can enjoy the games available on Steam  in early access. On the site, the games are released on xbox from June 1st.

This royal fighting game brings together up to 64 participants. Among the modes you can form teams and fight 32 against 32.



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Super animal royale is a top-down multiplayer survival shooter for up to 64 endearing deadly creatures. Designed to charm and trained to kill, Super Animals are cute enough to make you say “Aww” and deadly enough to make you say “Ahhhh!” Choose your favorite from a menu of foxes, pandas, kittens and other bloodthirsty beasts, and parachute into the ruins of an ill-fated safari park to battle a deadly barrage of bullets, explosives and silly dancing.


Enjoy carefully balanced running and shooting gameplay combined with an intuitive fog of war system that restricts a player's sight to line of sight, allowing for sneaky and strategic play. Matches are 6 minutes long, so you'll never be out of the action for too long. Explore a beautiful 2D world, inspired by classic adventure games from top to bottom. Cut through tall grass and loot abandoned structures in search of the weapons, bananas, and health juice you'll need to reach the top of the food chain.


Super Animal Royale is available for PC / Mac on Steam Early Access and is lovingly designed by Pixile Studios, an independent studio spread across North America, Europe, and Asia.


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Game details


This section gives information that may not have been mentioned about the game Super animal royale. It is also a summary of the whole article in a technical format.


Initial release date: December 12, 2018


developer: Pixel


Engine: Unity


platforms: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems. Soon on google stadia, Mac, nintendo switch, ps4 , ps 5 , xbox series S


Editors: Pixile Studios, Modus Games


Genres: Battle royale game, Independent play, Casual Game, Free Game, Massively Multiplayer, Adventure game


Again, don't be fooled by the cute look of the villagers in Super Animal Royale.


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Last update March 1, 2023 at 11:12 am




If you want a game like Animal Crossing in a violent and more dynamic version, Super Animal Royale is for you. On those I wish you a good weekend.

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Super Animal Royale - Dangerously Cute Game Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch and Other Consoles - 2021 Trailer