Squid game season 2 announcement and Netflix reality show - what to know

Netflix announces season 2 of Squid game and a reality show based on the first.


The most explosive phenomenal series on Netflix returns with a highly anticipated second season and a life-size event that will surely surprise fans. In this post, discover the announcement of Squid game season 2 and a game real organized by Netflix around the Squid game series.


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Squid game season 2 – trailer





The announcement of the second season of Squid game was made without visual precision of details on the contents of what the series has in store for us. Don't worry, we We found the answers to your questions, coming from the author himself.

Hwang Dong-hyuk gives many clues about Squid game season 2 in his Twitter speeches. Surely you have wondered which of the characters from the first season will be in the second. The answer in the following section:


Who from Squid Game season 1 will return for season 2?


In the tweet below the author started off by announcing that it took him 12 years to conceive the series and 12 days to make it a big hit. After thanking his fans, he quotes the characters from season 1 who will return in season 2 of the series:


Gi-Hun will be back, 

The front man will be back 

The man in the suit with ddakji might be there.

You will meet Young-hee's boyfriend, Cheok-du.


original tweet





Cast of Squid game season 2


The characters to expect to see in the second season of the deadly Squid game series are:


  • Lee Jung-jae: Seong Gi-hun


  • Wi ha-joon: Hwang Jun-ho


  • Yeong Su oh : Oh II-nam


  • John David Michaels: VIP 1


  • Daniel C Kennedy: VIP 2


  • David Lee: VIP 3


  • Geoffrey Giuliano: VIP 4


  • Stephane Word: VIP 5


  • Michael Davis: VIP 6


If after seeing the first season of Squid game, you want to experience the same feeling of tension, I have good news that could be of great interest to you.

What if instead of just sitting comfortably in your chair watching people kill each other in the game, you are a participant yourself? Yes it will now be possible thanks to a Reality TV squid game organized by Netflix.


To be honest, I'm very hesitant to watch the series because of the horrors and events of the series that relatives have told me. Frankly not surprising that the author was refused the series for a very long time. It was too far ahead of its time when it came to horror. I intend to make the effort but it is not a promise.


The next section will talk at length about a Squid Game coming to life.


reality TV squid game


Yes, in addition to season 2 announced by Netflix, there is also a Squid Game-inspired reality show in the works. The game will run exactly like in the series, I mean, it will be very close to the movie except for a few details.

The premise of the series was to show the cruel reality of capitalism on people's lives. If you have already seen the series and you liked it, you now have the opportunity to experience it now.


How to Participate in Squid Game Reality TV


To participate in global reality TV you must:


  • have at least 21 years


  • be available for at least one month in early 2023.


  • You also need to have a valid passport to be able to travel anywhere during filming.


  • You are not allowed to participate if you are a Netflix employee or have ever been employed by this entreprise.


  • You will also need to send several photos and a video to introduce yourself.


The other conditions should be available on the Netflix casting site. 456 candidates will be selected for the competition. If you want to participate now is the time to register on the Squid Game Cast Page.


What will happen if we lose?


If you have seen the Squid Game series in my opinion you already have your answer… [laughs]. According to the reality TV organizer streaming site, the thing you risk the most when you play this game is to come home empty handed, that is to say you will have lost a sum of 456 million dollars. That is nearly 294 billion CFA.


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What to remember from this post is the preparation for Squid game season 2 and the reality show that will come next year.

Squid game season 2 announcement and Netflix reality show - what to know



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