Soda pdf – 2 easy back to school tools for teachers and students

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Discovery of the Soda pdf software package available online as a desktop solution.


With schools likely to adopt a hybrid learning model, the need to maintain a safe distance between people and paper has never been greater. In fact, going paperless will not only help students and teachers to be on the same digital page, but also the institution to reduce its dependence on paper and save trees.


Soda PDF ( is a software simple document management tools in French or other languages ​​that help educators and students quickly organize and modify their documents according to their needs. This PDF tool has solutions for smarter study habits for students, while providing teachers with an easier way to compile and create study guides or syllabi with just a few clicks!


If you're a student starting or returning to high school or college, or you're a professor or teacher looking for easy-to-use cloud solutions for your educational needs, here are 2 PDF tools you should use .


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Soda pdf - 2 easy back to school tools for teachers and students




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Merge PDF – The tool to organize documents and compile different file formats


Teachers (and students, for that matter) are not all the same. What do we mean by that? Not everyone uses the same universal file format. Students can submit various files such as PDFs, Word, Excel or PowerPoint files, as well as HTML files or images.


So how can teachers (or students) quickly organize these different file formats into one centralized document? This is where one of the online tools of Soda PDF comes into action. It is Merge PDF.


With PDF Merger, anyone can upload a variety of file formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and image files or even a folder full of files. With just one click, Merge PDF can combine all these files into a single PDF document.


So if you are a student looking for an easy way to organize your course materials by combining them into a single document you will want to use Merge PDF. This Soda PDF tool also works well for a professor looking to compile their students' work throughout the semester to share with their dean or even the student's parents.


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OCR PDF – The ideal tool to never retype another document!


Whether you're a teacher or professor preparing a lesson pack with old printed newspaper articles or passages from bound books, or a student looking to digitize printed readings, there's Soda PDF software to help. This is the optical character recognition tool PDF OCR which can help you quickly turn these files into readable and editable PDF documents.


OCR PDF lets you quickly turn any scanned document or image into a searchable PDF document. Just scan your file using a scanner or even your smartphone camera, upload the file to the OCR PDF tool and voila! Soda PDF will automatically convert the file to a PDF document.


Do you not only want to digitize these documents, but also edit them? No problem ! Try the full OCR tool in Soda PDF Desktop or Soda PDF Online. Soda PDF offers users two tools to scan printed files using OCR Search (to recognize text) or OCR Edit (to edit recognized text).


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Last update September 29, 2022 at 06:02 am




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Soda pdf - 2 easy back to school tools for teachers and students