16 sights to see when you're bored

Last update March 20, 2023 at 12:55 am

A list of sites to see if you no longer know what to do on your machine.

There may be days when you are bored and stare at your computer wondering what you are going to do there.

If you have ever experienced this feeling then this article is for you. If you don't know what to do with your day, at least visit these entertainment sites that we offer you here.

Sites when you are bored


If you are interested in Egyptology, this tool allows you to translate text into hieroglyphics.

Although the most advanced use of Fabricius is in the professional field, one can on its site have access to sections which introduce us to the language.

Fabricius is a tool for translating hyeroglyphs with machine learning. You can find out more about our article on Fabricius.

Online video game platform

When webored, video games are sometimes the best way to have fun. That's why, I propose to visit the platforms of video games to take advantage of certain free games or to discover new games of the moment.

To name just my favorites are:

There are other video game platforms, but these precedents are the ones I personally recommend.


Who doesn't know Youtube, the most popular online video sharing platform that sometimes remains, despite everything, the most ignored when you're bored. Maybe because we don't really know how to use it.

Youtube is my second search engine where I can even type, what to do when you're bored on pc and find new ideas.

I find there at random, very interesting complete films and even series. It is also one of the places to discover the next anime to see.

Once found, I went to find them among the anime streaming sites.

anime streaming site

If you don't know what to do with your days on the web, why not visit streaming sites? My favorites are anime sites.

My strategy is most often to watch anime, and when it's interesting to attack his manga.

Since there are many anime streaming sites, I have compiled them into an article on sites to watch anime for free.

I hope you find your happiness again.

Discussion platform

By discussion platform, I mean platforms where you can socialize around a specific subject.

Social networks do the same thing, but the ones I'm going to recommend here are quite different. You may find other names for these types of platforms, but the important thing is to know them.


It's my favorite and I'm sure you'll like it a lot. Quora works on a question and answer basis.

Anyone can ask questions on any type of subject, including the most * delicate * ones. What's even cooler is that the answers don't come from people who have had the same experience or who are very experienced in the field.

Since I visited this platform in French and English version, I found that the community is often very friendly and always respond without judgment. For French speakers there are a few judgments here and there but it is rare.

When you're bored, don't forget to surf Quora. Crunchy topic guaranteed. If you are French-speaking and you understand English, I advise you to regularly visit Quora English version.

You will be surprised at the things you will find there.


It is said that the portal to the internet is Reddit. In this site, you can find almost everything and anything. of course the most loved by the community is propelled to the homepage.

It's a site that personally I don't really like but where you can find what you're looking for. To find * wtf * and have fun, there is what you need.

The problem is that if you want to use it to promote your business, it is very likely to come across a community that is very violent towards marketers and those who want to promote their products.

The best advice I can give you is to choose your community carefully and to read the rules of this group carefully.

In fact, I almost forgot, Reddit is a free community platform. Around a subject or a center of interest.


It is a well-known social site where everyone can share their frustrations in the form of an anecdote.

It is more interesting to read the anecdotes of others than to share oneself – even at the risk of being even more frustrated by the invisibility of one's text.


A rather special radio which broadcasts popular titles over the years in several countries of the world, even in the titanic.

This nostalgic radio takes you on a journey through time through music and countries, taking into account the events of the time.


Do you like general culture? Explore the knowledge site that teaches you new facts with every page refresh. You won't be bored ofapprendre than :

“It is quite possible to die of grief, it is called the “tako-tsubo syndrome” or “broken heart syndrome”. It is a disease of the heart muscle that occurs after a violent emotional shock.” and “When the Titanic sank, there were 34 tons of fresh meat on board.”.


You are a handyman and you have trouble finding the ideal glue to fix your materials. ThisToThat is your site. This site is a simulator that allows you to find the ideal glue for the materials you want to glue.

In addition it gives you all the details on these glues, from their toxicities to the official website of the glue. Visit thistothat.com to experience it for yourself.


Write text and reverse it using this web application, it is possible to publish your reverse texts (example: like this -> ɐç ǝɯɯoɔ) on social networks with a simple copy and paste.


This is a site that only references good movies, if you don't know what movie to watch when you're bored, agoodmovietowatch.com will help you.


This is an interactive mini game that you will surely find amusing. Find an invisible cow using sound and your mouse pointer as a cue.

At first we want to leave but when we understand the principle, it quickly becomes exciting. Play in findtheinvisiblecow.com


Have fun solving math problems using math way, a web application that automatically solves the equations you submit.

After solving it can show you the different steps of solving the equation. Discover mathway.com


We know google and today we can't help surfing without going through this search engine. The latter only focuses on highlighting the most relevant and important websites.

Unfortunately the others go into oblivion and can be taxed as the most useless site on the web. If google allows you to find relevant content, theuselessweb.com makes you discover the most useless sites on the web.

You won't have a choice unlike the search engines we know. One click and you come across a piece of jewelery forgotten on the web. It's very funny and I invite you to experience it.

places to see when you are bored