Sense - A Cyberpunk Ghost Story - indie game launch on Ps4

Last update May 23, 2022 at 09:03 am

Announcement of the release of indie game Sense A Cyberpunk Ghost Story on ps4.


Ps4 announced on its channel the release of a 2,5D game whose story takes place in the universe of Cyberpunk. It is Sense - A Cyberpunk Ghost Story.


Please note that this game is prohibited for children under 17.


Sense - A Cyberpunk Ghost Story - Launch Trailer - Ps4 Click to tweet


Sense - A Cyberpunk Ghost Story - Launch Trailer



Un game horror 2.5 inspired by classic adventures, set under the neon lights of Neo-Hong.


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Detail on the game


Le game was first released in 2020 on PC via the Steam platform. The following year it is focused on Nintendo switch and this month on ps4. This is a survival horror type game that works on the principle of click to explore the environment.


Developer (s):  susaku

Editor (s):  Top hat studios


Director: Benjamin widdowson


Platform: Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita


Trip : - August 25, 2020 (PC)
- 7 January 2021 (Switch)


Gender: Point-and-click adventure, survival horror


Fashion : solo


Lire aussi14 of the world's greatest programmers from the dawn of computing to date - 2021


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Sense - A Cyberpunk Ghost Story - Indie Game Launch



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