Tips for quickly developing an application

Last updated August 1, 2023 at 07:58 AM

Many developers believe that the quality of application development is affected by the time imposed on building the product. In reality it's because developers don't develop fast enough. It is also believed that those who are the smartest are the fastest at coding, this is also a myth. In this article we will see the tips for quickly developing an application.

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In short, the secret to quickly developing an app is to stop thinking.
Every time when developing software we stop to think, there is a problem. Here are the causes of this blockage and how to treat them.

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The reason developers often stop coding and think is because they don't fully understand symbols or words.
Many programmers code in a language they haven't taken the time to master. If you happen to stop to think because of a lack of understanding, don't force it. The solution is not in your head. Rather, look outside of yourself for what you have not understood. Usually we go on the internet, but be careful and avoid any distractions. Do a few things, move or walk. Only action leads to results.



Sometimes developers stop because they can't memorize several concepts at a time. Many things are interrelated in complex ways. What forces them to stop to think how to solve them. In this case, it is almost always more effective to write or sketch what you are trying to solve mentally.

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Sometimes the main is "I have no idea what code I'm going to start writing". The easiest solution here is to just start. Take the part that you understood the most about the problem and write a solution for it. Even if it's just a function, or an unimportant class.

Often the easiest piece of code to write is "heart" of the application. For example, if I wanted to write a youtube app, I would have to start with the video player. Think of it as an exercise in continuous delivery, write the code that will create the product first, no matter how small or naughty it is. A video player without a user interface (UI) is a product that does something useful (play video), although it is not a complete product.

If you are not sure how to write the core of the code, then start only with the part you are sure about. Usually once the puzzle piece of the problem is solved, it is easier to solve the rest of the problem.

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Another problem of understanding is when we jump the stages of development. For example, let's say the Bike object depends on the Wheel, Pedal, and Frame objects. If you try to write the whole Bike object without writing Wheels, Pedals and Frames, you may sooner or later block the development of other classes. Likewise when you start by writing the Wheels class when there is not yet the Bike class, you will waste time imagining the Wheels class that will be used by the Bike class.

The right solution that exists in this specific case is to implement enough of the Velo class to know where you will need the Wheel. Then write enough functions of the Wheel class that can immediately satisfy the needs of the Velo class. Then go back to the Bike class and write about this class until you need another class or parts. Just like the “Getting Started” section, find the part of the problem that you can solve without thinking, and resolve it immediately.

Do not skip the development stages of the system to expect that you are productive.

Physical condition

If I haven't eaten enough, I tend to be easily distracted because I'm hungry. Sometimes I think about what I'm going to eat, or take a long time to solve a problem. Our physical conditions influence our work. They can be health problems, extreme fatigue or our mood of the day. It is not as common as the previously mentioned “understanding” problems.

First, we must therefore check if we have modeled our problem. Then the second most important thing is to check our physical condition at the moment.

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When a man is interrupted in the middle of a task, it will take between 20 to 25 minutes on average to return to his concentration before. This principle also applies very well to the developer. To maintain concentration, you have to ensure that your work environment is devoid of any distractions. Some people close their office doors, others put on headphones, others put on the “Do Not Disturb” badge. You should work with your manager or colleague to create a true development environment without distraction.

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Sometimes developers drag out of their pc because they have doubts between the solutions available to them. The best way to make decisions in this case is to first make sure you understand the problem. Then it will be necessary to study each concept that we have in other possession. Because to make the choice between the solutions, it is necessary to know the pros and cons of each of them. In programming, we constantlyapprendre. The more you know about the domain, the faster you will become at developing apps.

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Many people think that great developers always find the solution on their own. This is a misconception. The smartest developers learn, observe, decide and act. They get the knowledge and use that knowledge to face the problems in front of them. If you really want to be intelligent, use your intelligence to take concrete action in your environment. Don't just use it for yourself, to think big thoughts.

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All that is said above are tips for programming faster. If your activity day includes the reading emails and appointments, so these tips will be difficult to implement. another strategy.