Read all android documentation – Challenge

Upgrade android programming knowledge in kotlin by reading all android documentation as a challenge.


Lately, I often see concepts of jetpack and the use of ROOM pop up in my research when coding android app.

I have created many android applications some of which are published on this playstore page and others for individuals.

By dint of creating, I have forged tools, architecture and methodologies that work for almost all projects to be more productive. It was going well until I realized these things:


  • Dagger 2 which disappeared from Hilt's profile,


  • ui in xml to jetpack profile compose


  • Transition from MVC architecture to MVP then now MVVM…


  • Wait I forgot, now there is Flutter almost in competition with Kotlin and java which seems to fail for android development.


For a developer who has worked with his own tools, it is not easy to change the winning team. But it becomes tedious to ignore these concepts.


Even if I learned to use them, you have to stop to start over and strengthen your base.

It is with this in mind that I am launching a personal challenge to reread all the documentation on android programming .


Challenge – Read all android documentation


Yes, it's weird but it's a decision to correct once and for all my shortcomings on certain android development concepts.


I could have chosen a book, a good tutorial or other media to learn but to me the official documentation seems to be a complete solution.


I do not recommend this learning method if you have never developed an Android application.


During the apprenticeship, I will try to create an application to practice with the best practices of modern android programming as possible.

I will code from scratch without using my libraries.


I think the road will be long, perhaps difficult, but certainly rich in experience.



Read all android documentation - Challenge