RapidTyping Portable – Software for learning to type on the keyboard

Last update July 7, 2023 at 10:26

RapidTyping, a keyboard typing application that you may like.

There are several ways toapprendre type on the keyboard without looking at the screen. One of the learning methods I have used to master my keyboard is through the use of educational typing software.

In this post, the software that will be discussed is RapidTyping. An application that my old classmates used to master typing.

RapidTyping Portable – Software for learning to type on the keyboard

Portable RapidTyping is a very comprehensive keyboarding learning software.

It is completely free and has the particularity of being portable via usb key.

You can put it in a usb key, a hard disk or any memory medium and start the application from it.

Functionality of RapidTyping Portable

This software offers different exercises and challenges to learn how to type quickly on the keyboard as well as different animated keyboard themes. RapidTyping displays statistics at the end to help you assess your performance.

RapidTyping App Specification

Publisher: Typing Tutor Labs

Size allowed: 8.71 MB

Licence : Free Software, Freeware

Operating system : Windows 2000/XP/XP/Vista/7/8

Categories: Educational software

Website : rapidtyping.com

You can download the software on this page rapidtyping.com/best-typing-tutors/rapidtyping.html

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RapidTyping Portable - Software to learn to type on the keyboard