God of war ragnarock – new trailer shows off heartbreaking gameplay – confirmed for November 9, 2022

The new trailer for the sequel God of war PC, Ragnarock , confirms that the game ps4 and ps5 will be released this November 9, 2022.

While I'm writing this post, I can assure you that I watch every paragraph the latest trailer for this God of war Ragnarock.

The first time I discovered it, I relaunched the previous god of war to play it again even though I've already finished it. That's how this trailer gave me chills.

In this post, I have posted the latest trailer which shows more detail about the story and gameplay of God of war Ragnarock.


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god of war ragnarock - state of play trailer



Feel comfortable watching the trailer as much as you want. I saw it 5 more times before writing these words.

God of war ragnarock will be released on November 9 on playstation 4 and 5 . 

Prepare your consoles. PlayStation 4 and 5 owners, I envy you!!



God of war ragnarock - the new trailer shows some heart-breaking gameplay