We sell advertising space on our site We accept various types of announcements regarding your company or your product on our site.

The cost of the ad varies depending on the countries you are targeting as well as the type of banner you want to display.

The costs we display in our spaces are for 1000 impressions and for your country.

Procedure to see your ad displayed in our advertising spaces

  • Write to us on the contacts: or
  • Put ”advertisement on tedidev” as subject
  • In your content do not forget to indicate:
    • The type (s) of banners
    • The number of impressions you want (we charge by 1000 impressions or by packages)
    • The web link you want to attach to your banner
    • Attach the banner images you want to display
    • Your target: ie the country in which you want your ad to appear. The cost of the display varies according to your target.
  • Wait for our response ...
  • We display your banner if your request is validated
  • We warn you and you pay within 24 hours after the email confirming the validation of your request.

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