Meaning of these 10 colors in psychology - Infographic

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Today, we will discover the colors and their meanings in popular culture. It is also the psychology of colors.

 Color psychology helps to produce the desired impression or emotion on others or on oneself with colors.

This can intervene in the way you combine colors in clothing, in the creation of artistic products or when you want to paint a house.

After reading this article on the meaning of colors, it will be difficult for you to ignore their effects in your daily life.

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Meaning of colors in psychology

Meaning of the 10 most famous colors - infographic

Each color can act in our psychology without us knowing. If you are in the field of design, paint or even programming, it is important to have the basics of color psychology to help your customers achieve their goals and create a product with high added value.

In this section we will detail the different colors with their psychological meaning.

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The color blue in psychology

Meaning of the 10 most famous colors in the world - Infographic
Chefchaouen, a small town in northern Morocco

It is the color of peace, calm and serenity. It is preferred for work environments and offices because it improves the productivity. This color is known to be the favorite of men (although there are exceptions). blue is not suitable for restaurants and the dining room because it reduces appetite.

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Meaning of yellow in psychology

Meaning of the 10 most famous colors in the world - Infographic

It is the color that produces a joyful and warm emotion. This color matches perfectly with the kitchen because it increases the metabolism, improves the clarity of the environment and above all gives energy. The color yellow also has flaws and places where it is not recommended to apply to it.

Yellow increases eye fatigue and makes babies cry. It is important not to paint a baby's room yellow.

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Meaning of the color red in psychology

Meaning of the 10 most famous colors in the world - Infographic-red

If the color yellow evokes a warm and joyful emotion, the red evokes much stronger emotions. It is passion and intensity.

Besides, the red rose symbolizes love. Many restaurants or catering services use it in advertisements and signs to stimulate the appetite. Be careful, red can also be harmful in some places.

The color red is not recommended in workplaces and even for examination rooms. The main reason is that it evokes the danger of failure and reduces motivation.

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green in psychology

This color of nature also symbolizes health, tranquility and money. It seems that working in a green space reduces stomach problems. Proof that some ailments come from the head and the color.

Green is strongly recommended for the bedroom or places of rest or an environment of tranquility.

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Violet color in psychology

It is the color of the wealth, royalty, wisdom and success. The kings of Europe wore a purple robe because this color was rare and expensive at the time.

Lavender violet calms the nerves and makes it easy to relax. It is ideal to paint (not necessarily the whole) the living room in lavender purple.

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Psychology of rose

Pink is widely known to symbolize love and romance. What we do not put forward enough is pink as the color that calms.

There is a special rose color named by various name like Baker-Miller's pink also known as P-618 , Schauss pink or the famous Drunk-Tank Pink. 

This color according to observations makes it possible to reduce the hostile, violent and above all aggressive behavior of individuals. It is widely used in prison cells intended to keep people intoxicated (especially by alcohol) under surveillance.

The pink color that reflects calm and warm emotions is recommended for the bedroom girls. It is not always by preference of the color by the female gender (because she does not like all that color) but rather for the effect on their psychology.

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Meaning of the color white in psychology

White road

It is the color of purity, innocence and also emptiness. It is effective in creating the illusion of a spacious environment. The white color is also important to give the feeling of simplicity.

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Brown – what does it mean in psychology

Meaning of the 10 most famous colors in the world - Infographic-brown
Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava from Pexels

The brown color represents Earth. It is also associated with reliability, practicability but also bored.

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The color orange in psychology – meaning

Meaning of the 10 most famous colors in the world- Infographic-orange

Orange is the color of enthusiasm, warmth and excitement. It can also be used for warning. The orange color is recommended when you want to attract attention.

The Color Black – Meaning

Meaning of the 10 most famous colors in the world- Infographic-black
Photo by Daniel Absi from Pexels

Black is popular to symbolize mourning, death, and evil. In the old Egypt, this color represented life and rebirth. It is a question of culture .

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Meaning of the 10 most famous colors - infographic

To conclude the meaning of the colors strongly depend on the culture and the target audience.

We have seen lately for the color black generally known to symbolize evil, it is in other culture considered good. If you design a product digital or physical, consider the cultural significance of the color you use.

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Meaning of the 10 most famous colors - infographic