POE 2 (path of exile 2): Everything we know | Trailer, Release Date, Story and Gameplay

Last update July 21, 2023 at 06:33

Everything we know about POE 2 about story, trailer, release date and gameplay. The game will come on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Steam.

The sequel to the PoE game was announced last year (in 2022 if I'm not talking nonsense) with a trailer that quickly gives water to the hand.

This critically acclaimed game returns with much improved graphics and an original story.

To appreciate this trailer you have to have played a little bit PoE 1.

PoE 2 coverage

POE 2 (path of exile 2): Everything we know | Trailer, Release Date, Story and Gameplay

POE 2 will be released in 2023 | Ps4, Xbox One, PC, Steam – trailer

The trailer shows a very well imagined choice of character and class. PoE 2 takes place 20 years after the events of PoE.

Corruption has worsened in Wraeclast. You will have to prepare for the worst.

PoE 2 – second trailer

The second trailer presents the continuation of what we saw in the very first. a first dungeon is presented with an impressive visual.

It will all take place in an ancient ruin harboring horrors for over 3000 years.

PoE 2 synopsis

Since Kitava's death, society is slowly rebuilding. Ambitious men rise to fill the void, and their thirst for power once again corrupts Wraeclast.

PoE 2 – gameplay

The novelties of the game are presented in detail by a representative of the game development studio. What to remember from this 14-minute video:

  • The 3d rendering is improved to be as close as possible to reality.
  • Character modeling has been redone.
  • They put more physics into it to make the game look much more realistic
  • New ancestry classes
  • The game system has been improved to make it easier to assign techniques and skills.

Frequently asked questions about the game POE 2

How to get PoE 2?

PoE 2 will launch from the same game client as the original game and will be available alongside the ongoing campaign, allowing you to choose which scenario you want to run through to reach the Atlas of Worlds shared endgame.

All of your microtransaction purchases from PoE 1 will be available in PoE 2.

Will PoE 2 replace the first?

PoE 2 will be new content added alongside the first game. You therefore keep the two main parts of the game. This would give the possibility of playing one or the other at any time normally.

Additionally, the developers continue to add new expansions to the current game.

PoE 2 Game Detail

Initial (expected) release date: 2023

Developer: Grinding Gear Games

Game engine: Unreal engine

Publisher: Grinding Gear Games

Series: PoE

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, pc games , Steam

Website: pathofexile.com/poe2

Genres:  Massively multiplayer online game, Fighting game, Shooting game, Independent play, Action RPG, Action-adventure game, Hack and slash game, 2023 game

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PoE 2 will be released in 2023 | Ps4, Xbox One, PC, Steam