The 12 strangest natural phenomena on our planet with video

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We quote the 12 natural phenomena that seem supernatural for ordinary mortals with or without video.


Our planet is full of many mysteries and strange phenomena that are happening without our knowledge. If we want to quote them all, we will have to write a book. Discover the 12 weirdest terrestrial phenomena with video to back it up.


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1/ Natural phenomenon – Blue lava


The 12 strangest natural phenomena on our planet with supporting video
Blue lava, beautiful but dangerous


Located in Indonesia, this explosive lava releases a very toxic gas and its temperature exceeds 600 ° C. That is to say the double of a usual lava which reaches 360 °. The blue color of this lava is due to the abundant amount of sulfur it contains.



These magnificent photos taken by photographer Olivier Grunewald were not without risk and loss. The photographer protected himself with a gas mask during the expedition to the crater. He lost a camera and two lenses during the shooting.


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2/ Natural phenomenon – An electric volcanic eruption


The 12 strangest natural phenomena on our planet with supporting video
Beginning of the electric volcanic eruption


The lightning that comes from the volcanic eruption comes from gas particles released by the volcano. The violence of the eruption causes the particles of the gas to rub together to the point that they electrify. The accumulated static electricity is released in the form of lightning that we see in the video. Electric discharge is no less than a few hundred million volts. That is 100 times more powerful than lightning which is between 10 and 20 million volts.





3/Natural Phenomenon – Pororoca Infinite Waves


A surfer's paradise, there really is a place where there are waves that never stop and it is in Pororoca in Brazil. This wave is the consequence of the meeting between the Amazon river and the Atlantic Ocean. It crosses more than 800 km to run aground on the Brazilian coast.


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4/ Natural phenomenon – The Atacama desert which becomes a magical flower garden


The 12 strangest natural phenomena on our planet with supporting video


The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is known to be the driest desert in the world. It hardly ever rains there. In some places, it only rains once every 50 years minimum. It was said that it almost never rains in this desert because one day there was a great rain. The first for 12 years. After this rain which caused flooding, this desert has become a magnificent natural garden of flowers.


flower-Atacama desert-view-de far

flower-Atacama desert-view-de close



5/ Natural phenomenon – The extraterrestrial skeleton


The 12 strangest natural phenomena on our planet with supporting video


This 15 cm long skeleton was discovered in 2003 in the Atacama desert of Chile. After DNA analysis it was concluded that he is really human because he has all 23 pairs of chromosomes. But scientists say it also contains part of an unidentified genome, which would mean it's half human and half something else. One hypothesis was that it could be a dead fetus but it is not. Scientists have revealed that this humanoid would have lived between 5 to 6 years. We know very little about its origins, maybe Kirikou would have really existed.




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6/ Natural phenomenon – Infinite storm




Above Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, every year it rains lightning for more than 5 months. This place achieved the world record for love at first sight per square kilometer per year. And when we say love at first sight, it is not a metaphor. Indeed it is estimated that there are 1,6 million lightning strikes per year. Given the dangerousness of the phenomenon, no one dared to film the storm more closely, let's say that the one who succeeded never returned.



7/ Natural phenomenon – Ice flowers


The 12 strangest natural phenomena on our planet with supporting video


They often form in the polar zones more precisely in the Arctic Ocean at the edge of the coasts under very special weather conditions. This natural phenomenon occurs when the water is near freezing and the environment is calm and windless. The crystallization of the water takes place slowly around the small mirrors which give a shape resembling a flower.


Generally these flowers harbor 4 times more bacteria than sea ice which serves as a nucleus, one wonders how they do. 



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8/ Natural phenomenon - Lake Natron in Tanzania or the lake of death


Image of Nick brandt


It is a lake that once became so acidic that it calcified every living thing that dived into it. This phenomenon was caused by lava from a nearby volcano, rich in sodium carbonate. As it poured into the lake, the lava entered into a chemical reaction with the lake while increasing its temperature. This lake has become deadly for anyone who ventures there. This video perfectly illustrates the phenomenon described.




9/ Natural phenomenon – The valley of death, yes it exists




It is a valley which is more than 50 degrees on average and extends to more than 13600km2. In this Californian park, we notice that even the heaviest stones (> 300kg) move there mysteriously. It is also the place that has the thinnest land layer on earth. This valley is an unprecedented geological theater because the ground is constantly stretching. It is even predicted that it could separate from the American continent to become what Madagascar represents for theAfrica. Here is a documentary that says a lot about its history.



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10/ Natural phenomenon – Two-headed animals


We talk about it often but many have never seen it, and others think it is a legend. Animals with many heads do exist and you will see it in this video. The cause of this phenomenon may be a malformation (in my opinion).






11/ Natural phenomenon – the Maelstrom


A vortex that forms in the ocean and can suck up boats and people who approach them. The maelstrom is often formed when opposing currents meet. They can also form when a current hits an obstacle.


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12/ Natural phenomenon – The underwater river


Underwater river


This phenomenon is caused by the difference in density between ocean water and water at the often very salty ocean floor.



The same phenomenon can be observed on the surface of the sea. This time we have the impression that two seas seem separated by an invisible border. In truth it is the meeting between water of very low density and a very dense water due to a high concentration of salt.



13/ Bonus natural phenomenon: the magic berry


The 12 strangest natural phenomena on our planet with supporting video


At night some beaches light up like in San Diego or Jamaica by magic. In reality this luminescent phenomenon comes from the orderlies which light up to ward off predators.





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The 12 strangest natural phenomena on our planet with supporting video