Siri becomes the world's most popular virtual assistant

In case you thought that Google Assistant and Alexa have gained popularity with their smart speaker lines, a new ranking is here to say the opposite. According to a recent report by market research firm Futuresource Consulting, Apple's Siri is the world's most popular virtual assistant with a 35% market share.

Microsoft: The quantum computer development kit available on MacOs and Linux

The new gold rush in computing is the control of quantum machines. Since the creation of the first commercial model of the computer by the Canadian company D-Wave in 2015, the computer giants are rushing to take control of it. This is the case of Microsoft which has made available in open source … Read more

Microsoft's .Net framework becomes opensource

    It's a big day for Microsoft and its developers: Microsoft has deployed the essential elements of its open-source, cross-platform .Net framework on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Microsoft is also in the process of adding android and iOS support in the upcoming visual studio 2015.