Oxygen - New Trailer Reveals A Little More Story Details - Released May 12

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A new trailer for the movie Oxygen reveals a few more story details. The film will be released on May 12 on Netflix.

Horror movies are not really my cup of tea but the latter greatly excites my curiosity. If I'm ever late in confirming that I watched it, I would like you to watch it and comment on it at the end of the post. Because after seeing it, I couldn't guarantee you that I would have my head to talk about it.

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New trailer reveals a bit more detail about the story

No escape, no memory, 90 minutes to live.
Liz lacks oxygen and time, to survive she has to find a way to remember who she is.

After waking up in a cryogenic unit, Liz struggles to survive and remember who she is before her oxygen runs out.

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Trailer 2

A horror movie for claustrophobians.

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Oxygen is a movie that I would like to recommend to all psychological horror movie fans even though I'm not sure if I see it. Why am I talking about it then? because I like the concept.

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Oxygen - New trailer reveals a bit more detail about the story

Oxygen - official Netflix teaser

A new film named Oxygen will be released on May 12 exclusively on Netflix.

Oxygen is a French-American survival thriller created from a screenplay by Christie LeBlanc. It is directed and produced by Alexandre Aja known internationally for his horror films including High Voltage , The Hills Have Eyes (2006) Mirrors (2008) Piranha 3D (2010) Horns (2013) et Crawl ( 2019 ).

Le film stars Mélanie Laurent, Mathieu Amalric and Malik Zidi and will be released on May 12 on Netflix.

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Oxygen - trailer

An woman wakes up in a cryogenic unit without memory. Running out of oxygen, she must find a way to remember who she is in order to survive.

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Oxygen - official Netflix teaser - released May 12th