The best open source text editors in 2022

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In this article discover the best open source text editors of the year.

Text editors are essential tools in the creation of software, in the configuration of servers and also in the development of a website. If you are a developer or interested in programming, we bring you the best proven open source text editors.


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1 / The Vi / Vim text editor


The best open source text editors in 2021


It is the oldest text editor and also code editor. Published in 1970, it remains the most used to this day by system administrators et the programmers. It is a powerful cross-platform editor that can be used both in a GUI and in command line. The advantage of command line text editors is that they allow you to develop on a remote device. It is also one of the few editors that is designed to work without a mouse. ( See as well : Wireless mouse - It no longer works? Here are 4 easy to follow solutions to solve it - Troubleshooting)


Download VIM on


If Vi / Vim is often nicknamed the programmer's editor, you are presented with an application nicknamed "the Swiss army knife of developers".



2 / Emacs


The best open source text editors in 2021


Ce software was created in 1976, 6 years after Vi / Vim. He is until today the text editor open source the most extensible in the world. It has the same properties as Vi / Vim, i.e. it is cross-platform, command line and graphical, keyboard-oriented manipulation (See also 7 free software to learn to type quickly on the keyboard ).

Emacs also contains extensions for reading word files with the .org extension, creating spreadsheets, and even listening to music. Some developers have gone so far as to create games on emacs (although it's still basic). You will understand, this editor open source is much more than just a code editor. Some go to great lengths to say that emacs is an operating system. To avoid I will personally avoid telling you which of the two editors, emacs and vim, looks better to me.


Download Emacs on


If you are not the type who likes to code without using the mouse, the following will definitely be to your liking.


3 / Atom



The best open source text editors in 2021


Atom, initiated by Github is a text editor open source modern which takes the working principles of emacs and vim. This application comes with 50 open source extensions compiled without counting the growing number of libraries shared by the community. You can like emacs and vim create your own Atom extensions. For having used Emacs a lot, I recommend the Atom editor which I see as a modern Emac / Vim.


Discover Atom:


4 / Bluefish



bluefish - The best open source text editors in 2021


Bluefish is much more of an editor designed for web developers and anyone familiar with the languages ​​of programming markup.




5 / Brackets


On September 1, 2021, Adobe will end support for Brackets. If you want to continue using, managing and improving Brackets, you can fork the project at GitHub


brackets - The best open source text editors in 2021


Brackets is also a free text editor and open source initiated by adobe company known by adobes photoshop suites. It is designed for web designers with some unique and exciting features. One of the features is Extract, which directly extracts information from PSD files like colors, fonts, gradients, and CSS.

You can use brackets to develop in other languages ​​of programming like for example java, c, c #. The feature that appealed to me the most with this software is the automatic preview of the web page.


Last year, Adobe had scheduled the closure of its opensource project on September 1, 2021. At the latest news, I discovered to my surprise that the project is doing very well. So much so that we are entitled to a new online text editor project like covetous (which is no longer maintained) and IECoders which we will see below.

The name of this project is Phoenix, which you can find on the brackets site.


Discover the open source editor and its new project on


6 / ICEcoders



ICEcoders - The best open source text editors in 2021


ICEcoders is a code editing web application. The kind you use in a web browser. This type of application has the advantage of being installed on a server workstation and of being used by several people who can connect to it remotely. It is ideal for web development.


Discover Icecoder


7 / Visual studio code


The best open source text editors in 2021


Visual studio code shortened to VS Code is a software free and open source created by ”drum roll” Microsoft. It is a very powerful text editor supporting several features making it very close to an IDE. It is cross-platform and also works on linux. The editor supports almost all programming languages ​​(to put it mildly) and is very extensible. It contains plugins officially supported by Unity 3D, which makes it interesting for the development of 3D applications or games. Visual studio code is very similar to the Atom application.




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8 / jedit


The best open source text editors in 2021


jEdit is a text editor fully developed in java language since 1998 by Slava Pestov. It supports many language syntax and file types thanks to its plugins.


Download I'm saying 



Text editors are different from IDEs which are integrated development environments. The difference between an IDE and a text editor is simply that the IDE is a text editor with compilation and runtime tools. The latter saves time and productivity when working on big projects. The downside is that it consumes more resources.


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The best open source text editors in 2022





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