15 online shopping sites in Togo to visit

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In this article you will find the list of online shopping sites in Togo for shopping.

Commerce is one of the oldest activities the world has known.

Since the creation of the Internet, we have witnessed the expansion of new types of commerce called electronic commerce or E-commerce.

In this article we present the online shopping sites to visit if you are in Togo.

Online shopping sites in Togo

The list of online shopping sites in Togo that we present to you is not exhaustive.

They are mostly platforms selling local products. Some represent a mini online super market and others a corner of sale between individuals.

The main advantage of these e-commerce platforms is to allow everyone to sell or buy products at a good price. Without further ado, we present to you


Assiyéyémé is an online sales site created by the Togolese post office.

It stands out very quickly with local products that are very rarely found in our markets except at special or sub-regional events such as fairs.

Consult assiyeyeme.tg.


The online sales site in Togo, Assivito follows the same principle as Assiyéyeme which precedes it. Not only can you find everything, you can also create your store for free and sell on the site. This is what the site seems to encourage.

Visit assivito.com

Lidao shop

Lidao shop is a site specializing in the sale of natural products and basic beauty products. Quite recently the manager introduced new types of product. For the moment the sale is made only on order.

You can find your happiness by visiting lidao.shop


This online store presents several categories of products from connected objects to baby products.

See tg.miaplenou.com

Africa Coin

It is the most visited and downloaded online sales site in Africa.

This site specializes in the sale of products between individuals and is available in several African countries including Togo. You will find all kinds of interesting products but beware of scams.

Visit coinafrique


A digital commerce site that puts various types of American products at your fingertips.

You will find beauty products, electronics and also in his blog various tips. Assihub is not only limited to sales, it also offers prepaid cards and various payment services to facilitate transactions.

Visit assihub.com


Boenli was originally a sales site that offers you unique and sometimes unusual products. On our last visit, it now offers product reviews such as smartphones on its site to help you save money.

Visit boenli.wordpress.com


Leodo is a large online diaspora marketplace. You will find all types of products including power supplies, phone credits and decorations.

See leodo.ch

Lome Shopping

Shop with this online store that offers a variety of products available internationally. You will also find clothes for men and women.

If you want to renew your wardrobe or gadget storage, we invite you to explore this online sales site in Togo.

Explore lomeshopping.com


Nicelia is an online sales site whose delivery is free everywhere in Togo. You will find all kinds of products there.

On our last visit, this site seems to feature a lot of electronic gadgets. Do not hesitate to consult it as soon as you want a new device.

Visit nicelia.com

Oel marketplace e-commerce

Oel marketplace is an e-commerce site specializing in the sale of clothing for women and children. You will also find clothes for men there, even if it seems to be in the minority. At our last visit, the site also offers accessories and jewelry.

If you are a seller, you will be able to use the platform for selling.

Visit oel.tg


Are you a craftsman, shop or independent? MivaShop might be the online sales site in Togo that you need to promote your items.

This e-commerce offers a wide variety of items ranging from computer materials to catering dishes. Digging more into MivaShop, I even found people who offer motorcycle taxi services.

You will take great pleasure in surfing the online sales site to make interesting discoveries.

Visit mivashop.com


An online sales site like no other. Miledoo stands out from all the sales sites in Togo that I have mentioned so far, by its electronic products.

When I talk about electronic products, I'm not talking about smartphones, laptops or household electronics. The electronic items I'm talking about are more electronic components ranging from a simple transistor to arduino kits.

If you are a Maker, an inventor or a professional in electronic manufacturing, you will be served by Miledoo e-commerce to develop your project.

Visit miledoo.net


The online sales site,  TogoPurchase contains almost all kinds of product categories. What I liked about this site is its price transparency on each product.

Each shop you visit on TogoAchat seems to have their own terms of sale and delivery. Always read them before each order to avoid any kind of problems.

Not only can you find anything (including iron bars), you can also get an idea of ​​product prices before ordering.

Visit togoachat.com


Jumia is an international ad site with a subsidiary in Togo. A little like Africa Coin which we saw above.

What I noticed is the extreme simplicity of the interface of this sales site which facilitates navigation. The products are displayed according to your region.

On Jumia there are not only products sold. There are also announcements of services, software sales and also training.

If you need something more varied or you have training or know-how to highlight, I think Jumia could help you propel your business in Togo.

See jumia.tg

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We hope this article was able to serve as a guide for you to find your favorite e-commerce site.

If you have a new e-commerce or an online sales site in Togo to offer, do not hesitate to contact us on pub@tedidev.com ou tedidev7@gmail.com.

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