No man's sky - 10+ graphics updates

In this publication, we present an update of No man's sky which highlights the evolution of graphics.


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To be honest with you, I never played this jeu. The reason I am writing this article is that I love the concept of the game and its music. (lol). Since we are also there for entertainment why not discover the other games and put it among our next purchases?

If you like travel in thespace and extra-planetary tourism, so I recommend you No man's sky. This time we will talk about its new update which highlights the evolution of its graphics.


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No man's sky - Graphic design evolution


The new update of No man's sky is very visual. The best way to see for yourself is to watch the trailer video we have posted below. No need to tell you that I couldn't pay attention to the presenter's comments on the update because I was taken by the beauty of the graphics. That's my opinion, it's up to you to tell me in the comments if you agree with me.



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Prisms No Man's sky update summary


This update is completely designed to look much prettier than the previous ones. To sum it up, here are the details I learned from the video.


  • The details of the environment are more accentuated: The light, the biomas, the vegetation and even the hairs of the wild aliens can be distinguished.


  • You can fly on the back of your domesticated companion


  • The most pronounced special effects: the effect of the weather on your environment up to the stars when you fly. The reflection of materials in the game.


Much more has been said in the video. You can find No man's sky on Amazon USA et amazon france depending on your geography.


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No man's sky - 10+ graphics updates




No Man's Sky - Companions - You Can Adopt a Pet - Official Trailer


Discover the new update of the game No Man's Sky titled Companions in video trailer.

Who has never dreamed of exploring thespace , to travel freely in the universe or in the sky? This is what the game No Man's Sky attempted to accomplish. With a launch that disappointed the community, the development studio quickly caught up with many updates to fix bugs and bring new features. This latest update offers some very interesting features to discover in the trailer.


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No Man's Sky: Companions - official trailer







The update No Man's Sky: Companions  allows you to adopt the creatures you meet and have them travel the universe with you, side by side. You can also tame, breed, and train your new favorite creature to talk!

Explorers can adopt creatures as sidekicks for their adventures interstellars, and tamed beasts can be trained “to search for resources, identify hazards, provide light, hunt dangerous wildlife, find colonies, search buried treasure or even extract materials with their own shoulders. mining lasers mounted. ”Once a companion is fed, it will also lay eggs which can be incubated by the player. A new system called the Egg Sequencer will also allow players to genetically modify their alien eggs to create variants and rare species, which can be sold to other travelers.


No Man Sky: Companions released today on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox consoles and PC.


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Game details



Initial release date: August 9, 2016

developer: Hello Games

Designer: Gareth Bourn

rewards: the Game Award for the best current game, the Game Award for the most anticipated game

platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows

Editors: Hello Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment


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No Man's Sky: Companions - You Can Adopt a Pet - Official Trailer