New world - welcome to Aeternum - release scheduled for August 31, 2021

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The new trailer for the game New World from Amazon games shows more detail on the famous Aeternum. Its release on August 31 is imminent.


You like them MMORPG ? It's online rpg games massively multiplayer as final fantasy 14 or the pioneer of the World of Warcraft genre. If you like them you may be interested in the new game ofAmazon games New World which will be released on August 31 on PC. Explore Aeternum Island.


The day before - a trailer highlights the gameplay of driving in the mud 


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New world - Welcome to Aeternum


The last trailer ” This is Aeternum ”Reveals more detail about the content of the game and its gameplay. In the next section you will discover Aeternum through its trailer.


New world: this is Aeternum



Join the fight for Aeternum on August 31, 2021 and discover the supernatural wonders that await around every corner.


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New world - welcome to Aeternum - release scheduled for August 31, 2021


For thousands of years, the mysterious island of Aeternum has been the subject of fantastic legends, and you have just found it. Without reservations or allies in the wake of a shipwreck, you will have to navigate a dangerous world where the basic laws of life (and death) do not apply.

Magic circulates in Aeternum. It brings life: miraculous healings, resurrections, as well as strange and magnificent flora endowed with magical properties. But it is also a source of horrors, indescribable destruction and the slow wear and tear of souls, death after death, resurrection after resurrection.

In such a territory, your destiny belongs only to you.


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Participation in the test version


The game will officially be released on August 31, but it is possible to play it even before the official release. To participate in the test of the alpha version currently available, you must register on the game website

After registration, the choice of testers is made every week. The problem is that it is not guaranteed to be chosen to test the games but we never know.

To be sure you can play before its official release, you should pre-order the New world game (available at Amazon  to get the steam code). Your access would be guaranteed for the beta test which will start from July 20th. Alpha players will start over at the same level as you.


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Free to play or Paid to Win or Paid to play?


It is still too early to answer but what is certain is that you have to pay before you can play this game. games. Now the question on the economic model of the game is still unclear. The more cautious will wait until the game is launched for more precision.


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The main obstacle to playing this game would in my opinion be the fact that New World is not free to access. It's a bit the same difficulty that we encounter with Final Fantasy 14 where the economic model is based on the monthly or quarterly subscription.

The next question is the server, do we have the possibility to play part of the African continent without using the proxies? This is also the main problem with games like BlackDesert.


For the rest, the story is catchy and I imagine it will be a bit like World of Warcraft where you can choose sides. One can choose to be in the context of the New World game, the camp of the inhabitants of Aeternum Island or the camp of the explorers of the island.

Either way, I just hope it provides a free expansion so that we can try the game without a big barrier to entry. Will you play the game or not? Do not hesitate to respond by comment.


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New world - welcome to Aeternum - release scheduled for August 31, 2021




New world: Amazon's new game


Amazon game is in the process of developing its second game called New world which will be released on PC in 2021.

The New world game ofamazon is developed in partnership with RELENTLESS Studios. This is a game MMO whose story would take place in a fantasy world of the 16th century on a mysterious island.

The trailer without wasting time:



Last update December 2, 2022 at 12:43 PM


New world will be released in 2021 on PC. You can visit his site to apprendre more. You will also like to discover Ubisoft: 4 big game announcements et The next Lord of the Rings revealed.


New world: Amazon's new MMO