16 of the greatest mysteries of all time that have been forgotten they're solved

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Here is the top list of 16 of the greatest mysteries of all time that have been forgotten to be solved.

Man always tends to give way to his imagination even the most stripped of meaning to explain what he cannot explain. For example, many readily accept conspiracy theory and fake news rather than other forms of truth. It all starts with a part of the truth onto which we graft some lies and unfounded words to fabricate theinformation that we want to pass. Here we are not going to debate false information but the greatest mysteries we all know but whose resolutions have gone completely unnoticed.


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16 / The Bermuda Triangle


16 of the greatest mysteries of all time that have been forgotten they're solved
IMAGE BY: Horror Freak News

We have often heard the stories about the Bermuda Triangle. The mysteries surrounding the disappearances of planes and the large boats that have passed there.

The truth is that these disappearances are caused by a natural phenomenon. The culprit of these disappearances is nothing other than very giant waves that can reach 30 m in height. We call them rogue waves.



On average two large ships sink every week all over the world, often due to rogue waves or wall of water. Here is in video:



After 1999 no phenomena were noticed at the Bermuda Triangles. One thing is certain, sailors live in another world.



 15 / Sasquatch nicknamed bigfoot


16 of the greatest mysteries of all time that have been forgotten they're solved

The bigfoot is actually a man named Bob Heironimus in a disguise made by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin. He admitted this hoax in private in 1963 and in public in 2000. Today he is still referred to as an unresolved legend.



14 / The unknown creature of Zuiyo-maru

 16 of the greatest mysteries of all time that have been forgotten they're solved

   In 1977 a fisherman from the Japanese ship Zuiyo-maru caught off New Zealand the carcass of an unknown creature from the monde, to avoid soiling fish, the fisherman threw the carcass back into the ocean. The best-known speculation is that this carcass would be that of a animal prehistoric called Plesiosaur. A species of long-necked marine dinosaur believed to be extinct for millions of years.


16 of the greatest mysteries of all time that have been forgotten they're solved

The sample of the carcass taken by the fisherman was sent to the laboratory. The result of the analysis shows that the chemical composition of the carcass is very close to that of a rotting basking shark.




13 / The hole of the ears


The hole in our ears greatly amplifies the frequency sounds between 2000 and 4000 Hz, which are equivalent to the unbearable grinding of nails on a board.



12 / The mystery about who is responsible for our aging


Why the older we get and the more hair we lose, our organs fail, our skin wrinkles and even our eyesight diminishes until we lose it completely? Here is the robot portrait of the managers:

16 of the greatest mysteries of all time that have been forgotten they're solved
Telomer in red

Scientists have recently discovered the telomeres, responsible for our aging, which are genes located at each end of our chromosomes. The size of telomeres varies from person to person and the larger the size, the longer a person is likely to live.

Each time our cells duplicate each other, the size of the telomeres decreases, until they disappear completely after several duplications of our cells. From that moment on, each cell duplication is accompanied by coding errors in our DNA. These coding errors cause most of our organs to malfunction. The visible consequences will be hair loss, wrinkles, or reduced eyesight.



11 / Mystery of magic or magnetic hills



Magic Hills are hills on which when you place a ball or disc down the slope it climbs up on its own without human intervention, sometimes you will see trees slightly leaning or with strange positions. The cause of the phenomenon is often attributed to the fairy or ghosts but in reality it is just an optical illusion.

Explanation via wikipedia:

The illusion is based on the fact that the slope facing the observer is not constant but presents a sudden increase: the sector between the observer and the change of slope then seems more or less horizontal, even downward slope, while that the other sector after the change of slope conforms to reality with a pronounced upward slope.

The most important factor that contributes to the illusion is a totally or mostly obstructed horizon; without a horizon it becomes difficult to judge the slope of a surface. Objects that one might normally assume to be more or less perpendicular to the ground (such as trees) can effectively be tilted, compensating for visual reference.




10 / How were the stone blocks of the pyramids moved? - Mystery


16 of the greatest mysteries of all time that have been forgotten they're solved

It's no secret that building the pyramids in Egypt took over 1000 hours of hard work. The question is: How were blocks of stone made of sand capable of weighing tons transported for miles from cities to the foot of the pyramid without damage or splitting?  The scientists from the University of Amsterdam found the answer: Like any recipe for instant solutions, just add water. Water makes the sand surface firmer and less sensitive to friction and then reduces the work load.



9 / What happened to the ancient Mayan civilization? - Mystery


Biggest and best known mysteries that the world has forgotten have been solved


Alien invasion? interdimensional transport? No, none of that. The Mayans were just suffocated by the worsening drought, deforestation and brutal civil wars that made life impossible. The natural resources could not be sufficient for the entire Maya population (approximately 2000 inhabitants per km²). The Mayans are just scattered. Maybe your neighbor is a Maya, who knows?



8 / The mystery of the Ica stone


16 of the greatest mysteries of all time that have been forgotten they're solved


Ica stone is an ancient stone from Péru on which ancient men carved scenes relating their culture and history. Most of the scenes depict dinosaur hunting, open heart representations and even organ transplant operations… actually for dinosaur hunting we see dinosaurs devouring humans. There are approximately nearly 15000 such stones.



These stones, much sought after by tourists and archaeologists, are in fact fake. In 1975 the farmer Basilo Uschulia confessed to forging these stones in order to make ends meet. He is not the only one, many merchant are in the case and until today Ica stone dealers will tell you that their stones are genuine.




7 / Turin's shroud



The shroud of turin was a linen sheet long taken for the sheet with which the body of Jesus Christ was wrapped before he was resurrected on the third day. Today the carbon 14 test has shown that the shroud of turin only dates from the 1260s. I will let you conclude the resolution of this mystery.



6 / Mystery on the iron pillar of Delhi that never rusts




Le Delhi iron pillar ou iron pillar of Mehrauli is an archaeological vestige and a metallurgical curiosity found in the Qûtb Minâr complex in the southern suburbs of Delhi. It has the particularity of not rusting. from wikipedia

The reason why this pillar rust very hard is because the pillar is covered with ... ahem, hydrated iron hydro phosphate (FePO4 H3PO4 4H2O), iron oxyhydroxide (FeOOH) and (finally) magnetite ( Fe3O4 ). All of these components considerably slow down rust. Admit that it's heavy !!


5 / Can mercury be changed into gold? - mystery


16 biggest and most famous mysteries the world forgot have been solved
Image from i.imgur


Yes, the alchemists were right and certainly those who succeeded disappeared with the secret. But today we know how to transmute mercury or lead into gold… without magic of course. Here is the formula

(198) Hg + 6.8MeV gamma ray -> 1 neutron + (197) Hg (Half of 2.7 days) -> (197) Au + 1 positron.


You understood ? because me nothing at all

In short, just bombard a mercury atom (Hg) with a neutron propelled with a particle accelerator and you will get a gold atom. If you want to get a gram of gold you have to run the particle accelerator for several days and the operation of an accelerator costs a few billion CFA Francs per hour. do you still want to make gold?




4 / Why does coffee spill out of our glasses when we walk?


Our engineers from the University of California have found the answer. When walking with a coffee glass in hand, the coffee inside oscillates with the movement of the body of the person holding it. When the oscillation reaches a critical speed it pours out of the glass (very often on us). Do the experiment at home, scientists estimate that after 6 steps you can expect a coffee bath.


As for me, I never asked myself the question. I guess only coffee fans will notice.


3 / The fairy circles in Angola



These circles which extend from Angola to the North West ofAfrica of the South have long baffled scientists, much history or legend has been created around these circles. Some will say that these circles are created by African geniuses… they call it fairy in the West.

         Scientists have discovered that the famous geniuses of the savannah are just termites. Termites feed on the roots of savannah grasses, which causes the death of these plants and in the long run the circles we see in this beautiful picture.


2/90 years of confusion over the existence of a survivor of Russia's last imperial family - mystery


Anna Anderson picture
Anna Anderson

The last king of Russia Nicholas II was murdered with his wife and all his children on July 16, 1918 in the Villa Ipatiev. This is what we believed until we discovered on February 17, 1920 Anastasia Manahan known as Anna Anderson. The world had mistaken her for one of the survivors of the Romanov family, the Duchess Anastasia, the youngest in the family. But unfortunately the real duchess was sadly executed with all her family in 1918.




1 / The mystery of underwater sounds


___ ____ goes bloop by_davesrightmind-d5hp1fd


In 1997 a mysterious ultra low sound coming from more than 5000 km of deep in the ocean has been detected several times by the hydrophone network of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This sound is called “Bloop” because when you raise the speed of sound 16 times, you hear “Bloop”. It was believed that this sound came from sea monsters. Here's where the sound comes from:


16 of the greatest mysteries of all time that have been forgotten they're solved


Science as usual has once again ruined the by demonstrating that this sound came from the cracking of part of an iceberg. Pity !!



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16 biggest and most famous mysteries the world forgot have been solved.
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay