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Last updated June 30, 2023 at 07:49 AM

Announcement of the 3rd movie of My Hero Academia which is titled World Heroes Mission. Presentation of the video trailer.

My Hero Academia is one of my favorite manga that excels in animation as well as storyline.

This is one of the few works that I read in manga and animates it. The 3rd film of the work will soon be released in Japanese cinemas.

In the following section we will discover the previous films before revealing the announcement trailer of the latter.

Archives – The latest My Hero Academia movies are coming soon

We are all impatient, and there is something! Announced for mid-summer, this third feature film under the My Hero Academia license is mouth watering for most fans of the series.

After the first My Hero Academia movie whose story is between season 2 and season 3 of the anime, after the end of semester exam.

Izuku and All Might are invited to a floating island where several scientists live. They reunite with an old friend of All Might's there, while Midorya reunites with classmates there.

Everything is going wonderfully, until a mysterious criminal organizes a hostage situation.

These new heroes are motivated and the future is full of hope as confirmed by the debut of the film My Hero Academia issue - Heroes rising.

Class 1-A visits Nabu Island. The place is so quiet it feels like a vacation mission… Until they are attacked by supervillains with strangely familiar powers.

At its head, we discover the dangerous Nine who manages to strip the Quirks and appropriates them for free. It strangely reminds us of the Quirk of All for One!

But pause for thought, All Might being retired, it's up to the students in the class to act quickly to save the island. Now is the time to show what they are capable of!

My Hero Academia THE MOVIE 3: World Heroes Mission Announcement Trailer

And when the fifth season of My Hero Academia has just started in France on DNA platforms; we learn that the original series Kohei Horikoshi is completely overseeing a new film project.

Although the World Heroes Mission announcement trailer has us spellbound, we already know that the scenario will be oriented towards the destruction of the world scheduled for the next two hours…

Will our heroes be able to save him? Epic scenes should be profiled against villains who will try everything to destroy this universe.

The countdown is on, only a few days left before discovering a preview of this new opus which is called: My Hero Academia – World Heroes Mission.

Of course, its release is scheduled for August 6 only in Japanese theaters, but it shouldn't take long to arrive here soon.


Original Story: Kohei Horikoshi
Animation Production: BONES

© K. Horikoshi / Shueisha, My Hero Academia Project

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My Hero Academia THE MOVIE 3: World Heroes Mission - The 3 rd film releases August 6 in Japan - announcement trailer