Metroid Dread - games available - free downloadable demo -recommendation (2021)

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Launch trailer for the Metroid Dread game released on October 8th.


The latest release video announces the release of the latest Metroid SAGA game on Nintendo switch. Metroid Dread is the continuation of the adventures of SAMUS in Metroid fusion. The launch trailer tells what you need to know about SAMUS and its previous adventures before playing the latest addition.

This suits us since we will no longer have to play the previous Metroid before enjoying it. But nothing prevents us from playing these classics later. For the rest, here is the Metroid Dread launch trailer.


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Meet the Bounty Hunter



Discover the origins and motivations that helped make Samus Aran the most powerful bounty hunter in the galaxy.


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Where can we find the game


You can download the game from the Nintendo store. There are different gadgets, pouches and even games on Amazon that you can find by clicking on these links depending on your continent of origin.




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Metroid Dread - games available - free downloadable demo - launch video 2021



Terror is coming to Nintendo switch from October 8 - All game trailers.


Metroid Dread or Metroid 5 will be released on October 8 for owners of the nintendo switch. Discover the terror that awaits you!


The first Metroid game I played was Super Nintendo when I was little. The game although in 2d was both dark and exciting. The style of the game merges zelda exploration into the style of platform games. Even today, Nintendo has returned to the basics that made the saga one of the greatest successes of its time.

In this article, I won't talk too much. I will present to you all the Metroid Dread trailers ordered by me to help understand the context of this game.


Curved Space - now available on PC and consoles -2021


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In this section I recommend that you see the trailers in the suggested order. In summary it starts with a little story and the reason why you are on a mission on a planet. The following video introduces you little by little to the universe and especially the dangers with which you will be confronted. The more you pursue the videos, the more and more intense the gameplay will become. I let you savor it.


Short story



Transmission to come………

In the second half of this video, why is Samus wearing a different costume than the one she started out with?
Shed light on new mysteries revealed in an upcoming game trailer.


Astria Ascending -The Fated Eight Trailer Releasing In September 2021 On Multiple Platforms


A glimpse of the terror that awaits you ...




In the skin of Samus


Dress up as Samus Aran in the first new entry in the 2D Metroid saga in over 19 years,


New world - welcome to Aeternum - release scheduled for tomorrow


Samus' new abilities in Metroid Dread


Incoming transmission………

In this new trailer, we showcase some of Samus Aran's brand new abilities and some of the mysterious terrors that lurk in the shadow of the planet ZDR.

The game is available on October 8, 2021 for the family of consoles only Nintendo Switch.


Detail of the game Metroid Dread


Initial release date: 8th October

Manufacturer: Yoshio Sakamoto

Series: Metroid

Créateur: Yoshio Sakamoto

Developers: Nintendo, Mercury Steam, Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Editors: Nintendo, Nintendo of Europe GmbH


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Metroid Dread - Terror is coming to Nintendo switch from October - All game trailers