10 methods to increase your self-confidence

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No one wins a marathon just by deciding. It takes days, weeks and months of regular training to get a satisfactory result. If maintaining your self-esteem is a daily struggle for you, it is possible to improve it by putting into practice the 10 methods to increase your self-confidence.


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1- It's not about you.


Understanding people's actions, even if they are hurtful, rarely have anything to do with you. It's easy to read into other people's negativity, which they see as an affront to our personality or a challenge to our ego. Yet this type of reaction can trigger unnecessary stress and keep you from focusing on the positive things in your life. People are people, there has never been a need to link their behavior to your happiness. Knowing this gives you the freedom to feel the self-confidence you deserve.

2- Buy clothes that suit you.


Wear clothes that fit you well regardless of your body shape. Clothes offer a huge boost to your self-esteem. Don't wait until you've arrived at a magical ideal to start dressing your best. Clothing doesn't make the monk, but it's hard to feel confident on the inside when it sends signals of uncertainty on the outside. Love what you wear and the world is likely to love it too. But don't don't do too much!!!



3- Laugh from time to time.


Let your brain give free rein to endorphins that fill you with genuine happiness and internal self-esteem. Laughter releases some of the tension that still builds in your body every day. Spend your routine with the people or media that make you happy. You don't need to overdo it, but a little levity will permanently raise your level of self-esteem.

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4- Embrace the stillness.


Many people are impatient and spend every second doing something. With a world moving at the speed of broadband, problems arise more and more with each passing day. Realize that you can be comfortable alone with your thoughts, and you will give yourself space for your internal processes to grow. It will make you more comfortable with yourself, help you appear more confident than others.


5- Make a budget.


If it doesn't come naturally to you, take the time to do it. Having control over your finances is a first step towards a healthy attitude towards money. Although many people believe that self-confidence comes from having a lot of money, self-esteem comes with having a clear picture of what you have and need.

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6 – Do not gossip or lèdè.


Avoid conversations that consist of talking about others when they are absent. Indulging in idle chatter might make you feel on the move. Unfortunately, this feeling is fleeting and will make you wonder what other people are saying about you in your absence. Take the high road – you'll feel better on the inside and you'll be much more confident for others around you.


7- Do what you say and say what you do.


That doesn't mean you have to draw neat lines over your entire life. You just have to articulate your goal and start accomplishing them. Better to start from the easiest to improve morale and motivation. This, in turn, will allow you to feel more confident. Your goals could be anything from running your first 5K to ending up cleaning out the garage or learning a musical instrument. Whatever your goals, do things you really want. 

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8- Make peace with your body.


You will always want to stay active and improve your health. Your self-esteem comes with the thought that no matter your size, shape or number of wrinkles, you are a person who deserves love and dignity and those around you know it too.


9- Realize that you know more than you think you do.


Do you think everyone knows exactly what you know? Well, they don't know that. If you don't know something, there's no shame in asking. By admitting that you don't have the answer, you are at the first stage of the search, and the right answers pave the way to self-esteem.



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10- Be enthusiastic.


Playing “cool boy” is a great way to ignore your honest feelings and bury the real you. Be happy and excited then let the world see it. Your joy will be infectious, contagious will be your self-esteem

You don't have to follow all 10 tips at the same time. Only one can solve all your worries related to your lack of self-esteem. No one feels confident 100% of the time.

source: pickthebrain.com

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