mbind: Operation not permitted – mysql – troubleshooting

In launching a mysql service you encounter the error mbind: Operation not permitted . Here's how to fix it.

In this troubleshooting section, I'll cut to the chase. So no explanation on the open source MySql database management tool and its functions.

After upgrading to ubuntu 20.04 LTS, I wanted to relaunch my various docker containers including the one containing the MySql database server.

Of course it didn't work on the first try.

In my attempt to troubleshoot I ended up setting up and running all the containers except the one for Mysql which gave me the following error at the terminal:

mbind: Operation not permitted

Where does the error come from? It is in the next section that I will give you the solution.

The cause of the message mbind: Operation not permitted

The main cause would be that another instance of mysql was launched using the same port as my Docker container.

This is the solution I had found after long minutes of research, while the error was displayed furiously in my docker virtual terminal.

For such an error, the solution to the message mbind: Operation not permitted was self-evident. You just had to stop this instance and restart Mysql in the Docker container for it to work normally.

In practice, it would be necessary in the linux terminal, to execute the following code

sudo service mysql stop

In summary, here's how to resolve the mbind error: Operation not permitted

If while starting mysql you encounter the following problem:

mbind: Operation not permitted

It is very likely that a port is already occupied by another application or another Mysql service in the network or in virtual.

In any case, you must delete or stop the instance of the service that uses this port. This can be done under linux with the following generic command

sudo service service_name stop

This script should be enough to solve the problem.

Replace service_name by the name of the service or application that occupies the occupied port.

mbind - Operation not permitted - mysql - troubleshooting
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