Immerse yourself in the epic story of Kingdom – A captivating manga set in ancient China!”

Last updated June 29, 2023 at 10:48 AM

Discover a manga Japanese inspired by a true story of China. This is Kingdom.

This week has been the most procrastinating week for us at The reason is the discovery of a manga that does not let anyone sleep.

This is Kingdom, the old-school military strategy manga that never ceases to impress with various plot twists.

Kingdom, the military strategy manga not to be missed

Kingdom – the military strategy manga not to be missed

As we are talking about manga, there will be no trailer, sorry!

Manga Kingdom-Synopsis

The story takes place in ancient China around the year 221 AC. At the time China was divided into 7 kingdoms: Qin, Zhao, Han, Wei, Chu, Yan and Qi.

The latter were in perpetual wars of conquest, one against the other.

The story follows young Shin on his way to fulfilling his dream of becoming a great general. Originally from the state of Qin, Shin will regularly go to the battlefields in order to earn merits and achievements.

Shin is the story of a young boy who will climb the ladder from the lowest, that is to say that of serving until becoming a General.

We also follow the story of Ei Sei, the man who would later be known as Qin Shi Huang, the unifier of China.

Our impressions

We read the manga up to chapter 219 of over 600 already available. The story told is more and more intense with each chapter from the beginning to the level where we are.

We come to discover in detail, how the wars were organized. The methods of communication used by the kingdoms in the midst of battle.

We will also find characters who really existed with historical references to the events that took place in this Japanese manga.

The narrative follows Shin's life without entirely altering the original story of the unification of ancestral China. There are all kinds of practice and war strategies that are equally impressive compared to each other.

We also discover the cruelty of life and the limits imposed by the caste system that existed at the time.

Kingdom is a manga that we highly recommend.

Attention, it is forbidden for children under 16 because too many heads are cut off!!

Is Kingdom anime good?

I discovered the Kingdom series through the anime. Although I liked the story, I didn't like the animation of the fights at all.

They added a semblance of 3d animation which is usually called CGI (I believe!!).

The anime was interesting but the animation of the fights were not good . That's what got me into reading the manga.

Since then I have not regretted this decision.

Kingdom – manga vs anime, where to start?

The Kingdom manga is much more detailed than the anime.

In the first season of the anime, a lot of details were omitted. (I didn't make it past the first season of the anime).

But the manga, frankly, is much richer and more interesting than the anime in my opinion.

If you have to choose between seeing the anime or the manga, I would recommend starting with the manga.

Detailed information about Kingdom manga

Type : seinen

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Historical

Themes: military, war, politics

Author : Yasuhisa Hara

Initial release date: 26th January 2006

Location: in progress

volumes: 68

Immerse yourself in the epic story of Kingdom - A captivating manga set in ancient China!"
Image by Tide He from Pixabay