Made in Abyss ost – a song from the album caused a stir

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We'll talk about the original soundtrack of theanime Made in Abyss. Warning musical spoilers from Made in Abyss ost.

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When I first watched this anime, I was quickly hooked by its beautiful visuals. I was still unaware of its gore and dark aspect described without censorship.

What made me say "this anime is a masterpiece" from the first episode even before the entry into the subject, is the music.

This music that makes you understand that you are going to live a palpable and wonderfully traumatic adventure with extraordinary characters.

In this post, I will introduce you to the soundtracks of Made in Abyss anime. If you haven't seen the anime yet, you can watch it too.

Made in Abyss (Original Soundtrack)
Made in Abyss (Original Soundtrack)

Made in Abyss ost – the whole soundtrack that made season 1 | movie 1&2

The whole introduction, I wrote it with the music below in mind. It is with this epic music that I will open the section of the'Made in Abyss CD Album composed by Kevin Penkin .

Made in Abyss – original soundtrack – Disc 1

  1. Made in Abyss
  2. Roar of the Abyss
  3. Beni Kuchi Nawa
  4. Days in the sun
  5. rafters
  6. Treehouse
  7. New World
  8. To the Abyss!
  9. Underground River (opening version ft. Raj Ramayya)
  10. Maul
  11. Walking the Streets
  12. Remembering Home
  13. Those Everyday Feels
  14. 2 Months
  15. Reg Wakes
  16. Theme of Reg
  17. Gallantry and Recapitulation
  18. Riko's Theme
  19. Swings and Roundabouts
  20. tasukete
  21. Air
  22. Welcome to my World
  23. Hanezeve Caradhina (ft. Takeshi Saito)
  24. Depths of the Abyss
  25. Forest of the Abyss


Made in Abyss – original soundtrack – Disc 2

  1. Butterfly Atmospheres
  2. The First Layer
  3. Abyss of the Sea
  4. Orth Waltz
  5. JungleRun
  6. Crucifixion
  7. Serpent Call
  8. Outside
  9. Forces Beyond Control
  10. Nanachi in the Dark
  11. Underground River (ft. Raj Ramayya)
  12. Walking the Tightrope
  13. Relinquish
  14. Tour the Abyss
  15. Adventure Through the Light
  16. Classroom
  17. Reg’s Power
  18. In the Blind
  19. the pit
  20. Discover the Abyss
  21. Vista
  22. The Mirage,
  23. Indoor Voices
  24. Nanachi in the Light
  25. Sabertooth
  26. Pathway
  27. Tomorrow

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Made in Abyss ost - a song from the album caused a stir