Lidao shop - New on the e-commerce site in 2021 - only in Togo

Launch of in beta then the novelties of this e-commerce. Finally, we present you the kitchen utensils.


The first time we talked about , it was in 12 e-commerce to discover when shopping in Togo. It was presented as a specialized site for the sale of natural beauty products and maintenance.

Today new categories and ranges of products are posted on the site. There are computers, a few consoles video games and lastly, many added kitchen utensils.


In this post we will find out Lidao shop , how to shop in this e-commerce and the new kitchen utensils on offer.


Lidao shop - New on the e-commerce site in 2021 - kitchen utensil - shopping in Togo Click to tweet




New on the e-commerce site - kitchen utensils - only in Togo


E-commerce sites to visit if you are in Togo



Lidao shop is a sales site project between Togolese individuals developed by Zetaplus . As e-commerce is constantly evolving with a lot of innovation going on internally, the site will always remain in Beta. Like google elsewhere.


We will introduce the different products on sale including cooking utensils offered by the sales site. These are all good quality products with a long lifespan.


In the rest of the post we will go into the details of the products offered by and how to go about shopping. The author is still hesitant to automate the purchase of products from the site because she enjoys contact. It's also the best way to ensure quality customer service in my humble opinion.


Finally, The imminent arrival of a digital solution that has come to an end that will allow you to have the products in your pockets at all times. Good start !!!




The products offered by lidao shop


Lidao shop - New on the e-commerce site in 2021 - kitchen utensils - only in Togo
lidao shop sales site - home


The site at the time of writing this article looks like the image above. Lidao shop currently presents 4 categories of products which are the products of the LONGRICH brand, the products of health , technology and finally the crockery which contains the kitchen utensils which I mentioned earlier. Let's start with the beginning :






LONGRICH is one of the product brands that are all the rage in Lomé and may be at Togo with its competitor FOREVER LIVING through the network marketing system. LONGRICH brand products are very varied. From toothpaste, deodorant to pills for Cordyceps millitaris , you will find your accounts there.


The 7 benefits of cordyceps - Why is it also called zombie mushroom? 


Products in this category are often in stock and can be delivered almost immediately after purchase.






The 12 benefits of black tamarind
By NoahElhardt - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,




Among the health products you will find my favorite which is Dudu-Osun black soap , a variant of Nigerian origin. The black soap very suitable for our black skin has always existed since the dawn of time. It is known that natural soap consisting of various medicinal plants was first created in Africa from West. To learn more about the process, nothing better than Wikipedia.

Today, its most famous and widespread variant in Togo is the Dudu-Osun brand soap that can be found in the health category of the sales site. You can easily find it in the market and in some shops, but be careful.

There are many counterfeits of this soap and the best way to find out is to have your pin code verified on the brand's website.


The 12 benefits of black tamarind


Products in this category are often in stock and can be delivered almost immediately after purchase.


Note well : I am not an ambassador of Dudu-Osun.



Technology product


Soon we will be able to transfer data by our own body - 3 ideas for innovative use of this technology - Video



The section on technological products is still in the testing phase. At the time of this writing, this category only contains PCs and Nintendo games. Even if we know that in Togo we are very Playstation with all the levels of PES, it costs us nothing to talk about Nintendo.

The personal computer offered on the site is only an indication. When you want to have a machine, the owner of lidao shopping will be happy to advise you and assist you in your choices.

The choice of a computer varies according to your short and long term needs. You don't need a drone to kill a fly. ( way of talking ). The choice of your pc will also depend on your budget.


The PC I use for computer projectse just turned 5 years old and it still works just as well with ubuntu and windows installed alongside. It is thanks to the advice of the manager of (even before it was put online) that I was able to make up my mind. Choosing a PC is like choosing a house or an apartment.


See as well Troubleshooting: Linux Won't Launch After Installation


Products in this category can only be obtained by order. Delivery time may vary depending on the situation and the supplier.



New category, tableware (kitchen utensils)


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This category as shown is new and seems to be doing well since its introduction to the site. A good dish does not only depend on the know-how of its cook, kitchen tools are also essential.

In this part of the site there is a bit of everything such as pan boxes with granite bottom, soup tureens, knife bags, mesh spoons and more.

I don't know much about cooking utensils but if you ask me how these utensils are special compared to others I will tell you to see it for yourself.


The material and alloys of kitchen utensils are necessary for a perfect kitchen with impeccable taste.


Products in this category are often in stock and can be delivered almost immediately after purchase.


We have finally finished with the product categories that can be found on the lidao shopping site. The part that we should be interested in right now is how we can get hold of the products we are interested in.



How to go about buying on the site


The purchase of product in  is settled after having contacted the merchant by the whatsapp number indicated on his sales site. Just contact the seller by sending him the product you are interested in and discuss the delivery method. Generally the payment is made by T-Money or Flooz and the delivery is made at home.


If you find the procedure a bit too barbaric, an application is already planned to simplify your task. We take this opportunity to offer you the android application lidao shopping.




Lidao shopping soon on google playstore


Lidao shop - New on the e-commerce site in 2021 - kitchen utensil - only in Togo - Zetaplus


The lidao shop android application is now available for early access in the google playstore. This is an opportunity to test the service and give us feedback in order to help us improve it.


We specify that only the application is in test version but the products are not (luckily for us) !!! You can register for the test program by following the link If you are on android while reading this article, I advise you to follow the link


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About Zetaplus


We talked a lot about Lidao shop but not enough Zetaplus which is a startup mobile and web development company based in Togo. His goal is to create great solutions that can improve our productivity and well being.




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We have finally finished this article on our Lidao shopping project. It is a sales site between individuals which is only in its infancy. Lidao only delivers to Togo for now but if you are interested wherever you are you can contact them via


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Lidao shop - New on the e-commerce site in 2021 - kitchen utensil - only in Togo - Zetaplus



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