Lewis Howard Latimer - inventor of the first light bulb put into production - many other inventions still remain in 2021

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Today we are going to talk about Lewis Howard Latimer, the inventor of the first light bulb to go into production and many others.

In this article extracted of the world's greatest lesser-known inventors we are going to talk about one of the greatest characters in history (in my opinion). His inventions were widely used in health centers, security reinforcement and especially for the marketing of the bulb which was only a few hours at the time.


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Lewis Howard is the inventor of the world's first light bulb to go into production. Born September 4, 1848 in Chelsea, Massachusetts, Latimer is a son of former slaves who managed to escape their master. He joined the US Navy at the age of 15 in 1863 as a cabin boy during the Civil War (a boy).



Lewis Howard Latimer improves toilets


In 1865, he left the army and worked as an office boy. He learns on his own then masters to perfection without studying drawing mechanical. His talent was noticed and then was promoted to chief designer. Lewis discovered other interests when he married Mary Wilson in November 1873.

He co-invented and co-patented in 1874 with WC Brown an improved toilet system for trains. They are the fathers of the toilet system that we find today in subways and public transport machines.


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Phone patent


In 1876, two years later, Latimer worked as a draftsman for an instructor of hearing-impaired children. He draws the system drawing to complete the patent application document for the instructor. It is Alexander Graham Bell. The product is known today as the ancestor of phone. Lewis submits hard-completed product documents late the day before a few hours before Elisha gray for a similar product.



Invention of the carbon filament


In 1880, Latimer was hired as assistant manager and designer of the US Electric Lighting Company, of which Hiram Maxim was the founder and main rival of Thomas Edison. The inventor of the first light bulb.

Lewis Howard exploited the weak point of the Edison bulb, its lifespan. life. Indeed the bulb of thomas edison lasted only 30 hours or one day. Latimer while working on the project found a way to extend the life of the bulb through theinvention of the carbon filament. It is the birth of the first industrialized light bulb in history that we know of until today.



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Lewis's other inventions


Lewis will not stop innovating in the field of technology. He will create a secure elevator, a significant improvement over existing elevators of its time. He will then get the patent for the Locking Racks for the hats and umbrellas. This device was used in restaurants, centers, and office buildings to keep items safe and allow owners of those items not to unintentionally take other people's items.


He created an improved version of a Book Supporter used to neatly store books in the shelves. Lewis also developed a method to make rooms more hygienic and better controlled. He calls his patented system “Apparatus for Cooling and Disinfecting”, a cooling and disinfection device. This machine was all the rage in hospitals because it helped prevent dust and airborne dust particles from circulating inside rooms and public spaces.


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End of Life


Throughout his life, Latimer went on and tried to develop devices to improve the lives of the public. He has also worked on initiatives to improve the civil rights of black citizens in the United States. He also painted portraits and wrote poetry and music for his loved ones. Lewis Latimer died on December 11, 1928 and left behind a legacy of achievement and leadership that much of the monde grateful.


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Lewis Howard Latimer - inventor of the first light bulb put into production - many other inventions still remain in 2021
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