LarkBox - The world's smallest mini pc that can play 4k videos

Last update September 29, 2021 at 11:22 am

Introducing the world's smallest mini pc that can play 4k videos. This is the LarkBox.

Today we have discovered a mini computer that might interest you. This is the LarkBox: the world's smallest mini pc that can play 4k high definition video.


The CHUWI team, thecompany who created this mini computer presents it as the best PC alternative for work and which allows to play 4k high definition videos in output. We did not acquire the electronic gadget by hand but we did researches for you. Before getting to the heart of the matter, let's first find out what exactly the LarkBox is.


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What exactly is LarkBox?



LarkBox is a mini computer created by CHUWI company located in China and specialized in the manufacture of laptop, tablet and mini PC. The gadget is a small central unit which can be used as a desktop computer. Its size is such that you can easily put it in your pocket. Which makes it easy to transport. The mini computer is also equipped with several types of ports. LarkBox also has an internal battery which recharges via a usb-c port. This not only reduces the number of connections to be made to install it but also increases its autonomy.

According to the designers, the module has powerful functionality and is very good as ahome computer or work. Larkbox would emit less heat compared to the usual computer while being efficient. Let's see it in detail with the features.




The advantages of the mini laptop


The module by its size and physical form has many advantages over to desktop and traditional personal computer. What caught our attention is not only the size of Larkbox but also what it can accomplish in the long run. It is powerful enough to be used as a computer for games . In other words as a mini gaming pc.


larkbox processor




larkbox spec




Feature of mini computer


In the last image, the size of LarkBox is exactly the same as the real one. It's not a photo edited. Let's go without further ado to the list of its characteristics:

CPU - Intel J4115
GPU - Intel UHD Graphics 600
Storage - 128 GB
Wifi - Intel AC 9461 / Bluetooth 5.0

OS: Windows / Linux

It should also be noted that the gadget is removable and you can increase its performance as you do with traditional CPUs. It supports both windows like Linux. It is obviously necessary to look for the components which correspond to the LarkBox.




Games on LarkBox


This is the main reason we wrote this article. In the tests As we have seen, it is possible to play the most CPU-intensive emulated games on LarkBox. This desktop can even easily emulate games from the nintendo switch. In the following video, you will see for yourself the performance of games on this electronic gadget.


In the video the youtubeur describes the mini pc and dismantles it to present its components. Then he tests more than 20 different games on LarkBox. The emulated gaming platforms are:

- NES - SNES - N64  - PS1 - Dreamcast - PSP - GameCube - PS2- 3DS - Wii U- Steam.


How to get it


Since the presentation of this minipc, there are many models on the market very similar to the larkbox, but with different brand names. You have the choice between the different technical specifications for the latter.

The larkbox model list to order.




Last update September 29, 2021 at 11:22 am




The larkbox gadget is according to the designer the smallest mini pc in the world outputting 4K video. This pc long available as a project is now available in prototype. CHUWI the company that designed it, notes that LarkBox is not yet in its final stage although it is already functional. You can order it on the site for $155, or around 89000 CFA francs at the time the article is published.

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LarkBox: The world's smallest mini pc that can play 4k videos