Keepvid – youtube video downloader and converter

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In this post, we talk about Keepvid. One of my online tools that serves as a video downloader and converter when I need it.

Have you noticed this video on your facebook news feed that you really want to watch again?

Maybe, it was a well edited video clip of a funny event last year. The problem with some social networks like facebook is that the news feed changes all the time.

Just go to another page and come back to the home page to lose everything and find completely different content. With no way to find that video clip you saw and want to see again.

To avoid this misadventure, I began to resort to online video downloaders . In this post, we will talk about Keepvid.

Keepvid – youtube video downloader and converter

Keepvid is one of my favorite downloading and converting tools. This is the very first one that I used for download videos to see them later on my phone.

In this section, we will define what exactly Keepvid is and what this platform can help you achieve.

What is Keepvid?

Keepvid is a site for downloading online videos. You can download videos from youtube, dailymotion and even facebook if you give it the corresponding link.

This platform also allows you to convert the videos you intend to download into your most suitable format (often in mp3).

Feature of Keepvid

This web application is sufficient for most needs in downloading and converting multimedia files. The features of keepvid can be summarized as follows:

  • Download video in any format: Keepvid supports many streaming and social network platforms (like facebook).

  • Converting video to audio: sometimes we just need to listen to the audio instead of watching the video. Keepvid lets you convert any type of video to mp3 for offline use like changing your phone ringtone. This feature also reduces the size of the file to download.

The particularity of this platform is its compatibility with streaming platforms and social networks.

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