Kanye West wants to create Jesus Tok

Last updated October 23, 2020 at 06:09 AM

Kanye West announced on twitter that he wants to create the Christian version of Tiktok. This new platform would be called Jesus Tok.

Former singer Kanye West announced on Twitter his intention to create a tiktok for Christians. He explains in his tweet that this new platform will be protected against false information and filtered to leave only Christian content. He calls him Jesus Tok.


Kanye West's tweets




In his tweet Kanye West says ” a participants' vision came to me… JESUS ​​TOK. I was watching TikTok with my daughter and as a christian father i was confused by a lot of the content but i loved the technology completely."

The reactions to this tweet were immediate. While one part of the group encourages the benefits of Tiktok, others engage in mockery.





That's not all. He adds the following tweet:



The tweet read: “We pray that we can work with TIK TOK to create a safe supervised Christian version for young children around the world in the name of Jesus. AMEN."

It is not necessary to inform you that there have been many reactions to this tweet. We will not post it here.


The author's opinion

The author uninstalled tiktok after 2 min of use. It is clear that he is not at all a fan of a application snaptchat style like Tiktok. But after researching the videos circulating in this application which targets a younger audience are mostly disturbing. We agree with Kanye West on theidea put more filters and controls there to protect the most vulnerable.

But making it a Christian application is two different things. The idea would interest more a Christian target audience but hardly those belonging to a non-Christian religion.


Last updated October 23, 2020 at 06:09 AM



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