Joke: The best patient in the operating room

Last update July 29, 2016 at 05:26

                      5 surgeons discuss who are the best patients in the operating room ...

The first says:

I like to operate the accountants because, when you open, all the organs are numbered and classified in ascending order, it is very easy.

The second says:

Yes, but I prefer to have an electrician on my table because in their body everything is sorted by color.

The third responds:

The best are the librarians, because in their bodies everything is arranged in alphabetical order.

The fourth says:

You know, there is nothing better than the mechanic, they already come with the spare parts.

The fifth finally says:

Sorry to contradict you my dear colleagues, but the best to operate are the politicians. They have no heart, no guts, no girls. Plus you can invert their brain through the asshole nobody will notice.