JeNote: Notepad, todo list, voice memo and notes

Last updated June 18, 2019 at 07:12 AM

In this post I am announcing a new application inspired by SusuNote with a different design. This is JeNote, a new note-taking application.

JeNote is a notebook that has the same functionality as SusuNote. To recall the features, you can take various types of notes, organize them by subject, carry out research, make backups in the cloud.

The application to manage your smartphone and tablet from your PC

How to download an application from the PlayStore when it is not available in your country?

Application of the day: SusuNote

To take notes

  • capture your best moments with picture notes.
  •  Write down the key points of your meetings and events that have marked you.
  •  Import images and videos to enrich your notebook.
  •  Use voice memo for faster note taking.
  • Easily save notes from any source.


Notes search

  • Easily find notes using the notepad search function
  •  Find notes similar to the contents of your notebook on the internet.


Organize notes by themes

  •  Create notebooks for each subject you study in class or elsewhere.
  • Also add the folders to organize the notebooks by themes.


  •  By changing the image of the home page, the notepad extracts the main color of the latter to apply it as a theme

Cloud backup.

  •  You can save all notes to the cloud manually or enable automatic backup.
  • Using the cloud requires a free subscription, you can delete your account and data at any time and for free in less than a minute.
  • Recover your data from the cloud and restore your application from note taking in a new phone or tablet.
  •  If you had used SusuNote, you can reuse the same account in JeNote to recover your data.


Here are in all, the details of the jenote notebook. Currently a new game that I developed is already available on the store. I will talk about it in more detail in future articles. Those in a hurry can find it on playstore by searching Flappy kub.