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Last updated February 5, 2023 at 06:27 AM

In this post I make the presentation of I Footnotes to the story, an android application that I created in my spare time out of passion.

I Note is a notepad note-taking of all kinds. Using I Note you'll be able to create notepads and folders to contain them.


The Je Note notepad supports both video and image formats. The note-taking application is fully customizable in one click.


Just put an image in front of the home page and your notepad will adapt to it.


I Note Icon




I Note – Note taking app – features


  • capture your best moments with picture notes.


  • Write down the key points of your meetings and events that have marked you.


  • Import images and videos to enrich your notebook.


  • Use voice memo for faster note taking.


  • Easily save notes from any source including the web.


Notes search


  • Easily find your notes using the quick search function


  • Find notes similar to the contents of your notebook on the internet.


Organize notes by themes


  • Create notebooks to hold notes


  • Also add the folders to organize the notebooks by themes.


Customizable Notebook


  • By changing the image of the home page, Je Note extracts the main color of the latter to apply it as a theme to the rest of the system. You will have in front of you a completely different notepad.


Cloud backup and restore


  • Back up all notes to the cloud manually or enable automatic backup.


  • Using the cloud requires free registration, you can delete your account and your data at any time and for free in less than a minute in the settings.


  • You can recover your data from the cloud and restore your Notepad to a new phone or tablet.


Migration from SusuNote to I Note


  • If you had used SusuNote, you can reuse the same account in I Note to recover your data.

Permissions requested


  • Microphone: to create voice memos.


  • Modify or delete the contents of the SD card: to store images, videos and voice memos.


  • Network access: for saving and backing up your notebooks to the cloud, as well as viewing ads.


  • Receive data from internet: for restoring your data by cloud backup.




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I Note - Note taking app

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