Docker: Where is the install path in ubuntu 20.04 LTS - Troubleshooting

In this troubleshooting we will try to answer the question, where is the docker installation path in ubuntu 20.04.


It may happen that after installing theapplication and its clients, you will need to modify the images or configure the installation files. This was the case when I wanted to move the virtual disks to another directory. The problem I have encountered is the lack of docker in its usual directory: / var / lib / docker.

So where is the installation path for this tool? it's our help of the day.


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The docker installation path - Solution


If you have installed Docker by apt , it will normally be found in:



In my case, I installed it directly via snap . It is therefore logical that the path of its installation is different. The directory you are looking for is:


/ var / snap / docker /

I suspect that all applications installed using Snap will be found by default in the directory / var / snap / .


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Docker: Where is the install path in ubuntu 20.04 LTS - Troubleshooting
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