25 Quotes About Innovation And Creativity That Can Help You Innovate And Never Give Up

Last update May 15, 2023 at 03:56 am

List of quotes on innovation and creativity that deal with the theme of inspiration, the engine necessary to accomplish great creations whatever the field

In several fields including tech, we talk a lot about innovations. It's a term that was buzzing in the past. 

Today we are so advanced that nothing surprises us anymore and it is more difficult to find new revolutionary ideas.

It's even harder for entrepreneurs and inventors to create things that wow people. 

We will regularly say “ blah, it's just a combination of x, y and z with a key of m, n, o and p “. that's a lot for me personally, but human beings can be so judgmental that they even resist new things.

In this article, we present quotes that can help creators and entrepreneurs find enough motivation to continue innovating.

25 quotes that will help you innovate in your fields

Quotes from great personalities on innovation and creativity in all fields

1- "Innovation makes the distinction between a leader and a follower." - Steve Jobs

2- “You cannot exhaust your creativity. The more you use it, the more you have. – Maya Angelou

11 motivational quotes

3- "The difficulty does not lie so much in developing new ideas to escape the old ones." - John Maynard Keynes

4- “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thought that created them.” - Albert Einstein

5- “Bold ideas are like pawns moved forward; They can be beaten, but they can start a winning game ”- Johann Wolfgang Goethe

11 motivational quotes

6- “The mind is livelier and more lively in isolation and uninterrupted solitude. No large laboratory is needed to think things through. Originality thrives in free isolation from outside influences that strike us to paralyze the creative mind. Be alone, that is the secret of invention; being alone is where ideas are born. "-. Nikola Tesla

7- "People only see what they are ready to see." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

8- “Life is growth. If we stop growing, technically and spiritually, we are as good as the dead ”-. Morihei Ueshiban

9- “Life does not consist primarily, or even largely, of facts and events. It mainly consists of the storm of thoughts that is always blowing in the head. – Mark Twain

10- “Give me a fulcrum, and I will lift the world.” - Archimedes

11- “Creativity takes courage.” - Henri Matisse

12 - ”Innovation comes from creative destruction.” - Gustave Flaubert

13 - “Systematic innovation requires a willingness to see change as an opportunity.” - Joseph Schumpeter

14 - “Innovation is an alliance between research, marketing, instinct, imagination, product and industrial courage.” - David M. Ogilvy

15 - “There is no innovation without disobedience.” - Antoine Riboud

16 - “Innovation is a situation that we choose because we have a burning passion for something.” - Manuel Castells / The Networked Society

17 - “As soon as we are shown something old in an innovation, we are at peace.” - Denis Diderot / Principles of sovereign policy

18 - “Genius refers to the idea of ​​surprise, of innovation. He opposes trivialization, automation. ” - Steve Jobs

19 - “Imitates, assimilates, and then innovates…” - Hervé Bourges / Les dossiers de l'Audiovisuel

20 – “Innovation is not having a new idea but stopping having an old idea.” – Jean Orieux / Talleyrand

21 - “Anyone can innovate, if their life depends on it.” - Albert Einstein

22 - “To innovate is to know how to give up thousands of good ideas.” - Akio Morita

23 – “Whoever does not apply new remedies must expect new evils; for time is the greatest of innovators.” –Steve Jobs

24 - “Innovations almost always come from individual explorers or small groups, and almost never from large and highly structured bureaucracies.” - Francis Bacon

25 - “Innovators are almost always persecuted; in religion, they are heretics; in philosophy, cracked skulls; in science, people who talk to the devil; in politics, usually fools, sometimes idols. ” - Harold J. Leavitt

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