Ideas for recycling used items to make room at home

Last updated June 23, 2019 at 05:03 AM

We all have things at home that we no longer use and that we leave in the garage hoping to reuse it later. If you find yourself in this situation, it might be time to find out how to recycle used items to make room for your home.

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We must give a second life to useless things which pile up little by little to form a heap of garbage. You will also find ideas for creating original objects while saving money or making profits.

The goal is to give you recycling ideas. Neither TediDev nor the author of its lines can be held responsible for any damage caused.


1 / Recycling of toilet paper

  • Decorations

These rollers can be used to build small decorative items to place on a shelf or table. Use this image as a basis for inspiration and surprise your loved ones.

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  • Pen holder

Tint the roller in your favorite color. Decorate it as you see fit by gluing a sheet of cardboard for example. We thus made a mini desk on which we can put the work tools.


  • Toolbox

Do you have a lot of cables lying around? No problem. Take the rolls you have collected and put your cables in them. If you are the artist type, don't hold your imagination back. For those in a hurry, simplicity and minimalism will be your best allies, like this image.


  • Flower pots

Do you like gardening? These little cardboard rolls come to your rescue. It can be used as a mini pot on which to grow plants temporarily. Once the young shoot is ready to be buried (halfway), plant there with the roller without removing it. Over time the roots of the plant can easily break through the roller and the roller will easily decompose in the soil.


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2 / Recycling of plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are common currencies in our daily life. It's easy to get it and then throw it in the wrong place afterwards. If you don't sell them, there are several other ways we can use them. We can make:

  • Watering can

We pierce the cap of the bottle and voila. You fill the bottle with water and then close it with the holed cap. Turn the bottle upside down to water.

Another alternative is to pierce the surface of the bottle to make it an automatic watering can at low cost.

  • A flower pot

The bottle is cut into two parts then the closed head is reversed using a stopper pierced on the second part which represents the support. You put the system on sand like in the picture below.

  • A hanging garden

The same principle as the flowerpot except that this time we only cut part of the bottle.

  • A chair

We can be more creative by transforming our plastic piles into chairs. Hello comfort.

  • A bowl

We leave you the last one in exercise.


3 / Recycle used tires

Sometimes you have tires in such bad condition that you'd rather buy a new one and throw away the old one. If you are the type to give up, don't give up hope. With used tires and a little imagination we can do:

  • A sink

The picture says a lot, but you don't have to look for a gas pump. It's just to serve as a basis for inspiration. okay ?

  • A small oven

The rim can be used as an oven depending on the size. We can weld and cut two superimposed rims to give the shape corresponding to the image below. It is recommended to entrust the plans to the blacksmiths of the district.


  • Barbecue

Okay, I'll give you rims to cut and recompose to make an oven, not the easiest to do. A hanging barbecue would be the most affordable in terms of feasibility. you can paint the metal at will and hang it on the tree in the garden. Watch out for fire.

  • A pillow

You may be wondering "well we took the rim off, what else do we do?" ". Several choices are available to us. A cushion or a glass table.

  • A Table or support

A nice support to take good wine on your bed or even on the floor, you see.


Another variant of the table, for the pros.

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4 / Recycling of a computer

Some of us have computers (laptops or desktops) that are in a state that we cannot sell. If you are looking for a solution to not throw away your leftovers, here are some ideas to give a second life to your long-standing tool. done

  • A "Jerry can" or computer in a can

Do you have computers with damaged CPUs? you can take them apart and assemble a new central unit with the working parts and the new ones. You can put the central unit of your computer in a plastic container that you can cut and decorate to your liking as in this image.

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


  • A mini shelf

Maybe all that remains of your computer is the case of its tower. There are two ways to use it directly. Either you make it a mini aesthetic shelf

Or either go to the next bridge.

  • A mini barbecue

It's not the most aesthetic way to cook meat, but it can do it.


  • A blade sharpener

If your reader does not work at all, no need to keep it in your pc, make it into a sharpener. << Personally I have not tested it >>



Before you put everything on the shelf, remember this. Each object has endless possibilities for use. The only limit is your imagination.

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