10 gift ideas for tech lovers

Last update September 1, 2023 at 03:06 am

Soon the holidays, here are the gift ideas that we can offer to lovers of technology this year.

The end and beginning of the year celebrations are the moments that many look forward to. This is also the time when if you are in Togo, it is recommended to postpone all your projects until the following year because many are more in the mood to raise for the party rather than to render a good service.

We are in a period where we are looking for gift ideas to offer and in my opinion, this is the best time to place orders.

Gift ideas for tech lovers

A Somfy connectivity kit to control your home

If your friend is tech-savvy, she won't be against the idea of ​​automating some repetitive household tasks.

You can offer it a Somfy connectivity kit or other similar gadget to manage the lighting and some home appliances from your phone or orally.

optical illusion lamp

Christmas - Gift ideas for the end of the year party

An optical illusion lamp that can represent any character from your favorite manga. There are many kinds with different shapes that you will surely recognize.

Scale lamp

Still in the range of lamps and nightlights, why not test the scale lamp? This lamp does not swing your secret activities (far from it) but rather works with a switch like no other. A gift that might appeal to lovers of tech and design.

Christmas - Gift ideas for the end of the year party-1

floating moon lamp

Christmas - Gift ideas for the end of the year party-2

If you want to amaze your neighbor, why not give him a floating moon as a lamp? Be careful, on the budget side, this magnetic jewel stings.

Bottle Opener

Christmas - Gift ideas for the end of the year party

This little gadget, widely used for opening capsule drinks, is not taken seriously enough. This little tool when well designed and built can have an emotional effect at a low cost.

A good morning wake up call

Christmas - Gift ideas for the end of the year party

Everyone now has an alarm clock thanks to smartphones. But the important thing is not the type of gift but the gesture that counts. You can offer a gamer an alarm clock in the form of the controller of one of your favorite consoles.

cordless skipping rope

This Item will appeal to many sportsmen like me who… get caught in the nets of the skipping rope at each turn. I like the benefits of this tool but not at all the frustration that comes from hitting the rope. The invisible rope would be our best ally for this job.

Spin 90 Table Fireplace

Christmas - Gift ideas for the end of the year party

A magnificent table fireplace will allow the lucky one of your gift to bring some beauty to his home. It is said that a present represents you. If you are the sophisticated type but basically you are all fire, why not give this cute fireplace?


Christmas - Gift ideas for the end of the year party

There are different types of flower pots and what can be done with them may be beyond your imagination. A pretty flowerpot is one of the best gifts that can be given to lovers of agriculture and nature.

A video game console

Very hybrid Nintendo switch console

This is the obligatory path if you want to please him with an object of his own element. My personal recommendation is a Nintendo Switch which is a multipurpose console.

It can be used in portable mode or in home console mode (except the Nintendo Switch mini ). More and more indie games and pc games are ported to this Console.

If you decide to offer this console, offered one of the Switch games to the lucky one according to his age.

My opinion may be very biased because I own this console myself. But I also have others. The variation is also important <lol>.

Offer him a game for his console or PC


Another option that would be less expensive than the previous one would be to offer the geek a game for his console as a gift. If he doesn't have one, he must have a PC to test Steam games.

If you tell me he doesn't have a PC, don't be discouraged, offer it to him. He will thank you all his life.

If you've found your inspiration, your next step would be to search your favorite stores. If you are in Togo, I recommend this post on Togolese online sales sites to find your happiness.

The current list is just a rough idea, if you can't find exactly what you want don't be discouraged. Good preparation !!

gift ideas for tech lovers